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第一章節 Landy today we talking about Landy....嗯~我們印象中的Landy是長這樣的~如鷹眼般可看穿一切的眼睛~(特別針對她男友)成龍般的鼻子~市井小民般的嘴~深咖啡色的長捲髮~(嗯!聞起來很香!)可愛地夏日連身小洋裝~對了~還有雙長到不行的腿.......但是沒有大雙鋒!this is Landy! 順便介紹一下~這是Tom………..Landy的男朋友~ 偉大的2011年5月1日~是Landy的26歲生日~!Landy的26歲生日~!Landy的26歲生日~!所以~一起來看一下許多朋友為她獻上的祝福影片~---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------第二章節機率 台灣人口約2300萬人~扣除女性1150萬人~及0-18歲與50歲以上男性人口520萬人~Landy大約有630萬擇偶對象~在630萬的茫茫人海中如何尋找到適合的對象~~這的確是個考驗~但事實證明~Tom的窮追不捨可以克服一切~! and....持續兩年不斷不斷的磨合後.....Landy和Tom的朋友們終於忍不住要出來主持個公道~所以~一起來看一下他們的朋友想吐露的心聲~ 對!嫁給Tom吧!他是唯一最好的人選!!

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    The first chapterLandy

    today we talking about Landy....

    Well ~ our impression that Landy is a long way ~

    As can be seen through eyes of all as eagle eye ~ (special for her boyfriend)

    Jackie Chan-like nose ~

    Ordinary citizens-like mouth ~

    Long scroll of the bison made ~ (UH! smells sweet!)

    Lovely summer even small dress ~

    Have long double to about ~ no legs ... .... But there's no large double front!

    this is Landy!

    Describes the way ~ this is Tom sth ... Landy boyfriend ~

    Great on May 1, 2011 ~ Landy 26 birthday of ~!

    Landy 26 birthday of ~!

    Landy 26 birthday of ~!

    So ~ look with lots of friends to bring her wishes the movie ~


    The second chapterThe chances

    Taiwan population of about 23 million people ~

    Deduction of female 11.5 million people ~ and 0-18 and the male population of 5.2 million people aged over 50 ~

    Landy, approximately 6.3 million spouse objects ~

    In the vast sea of 6.3 million how to find the suitable object ~~ this is a test ~

    But the fact that hadvanished can overcome all of the ~Tom ~!

    and.... After two years of continuous-running.. ... Landy and Tom's friends finally tempted to preside over the justice ~

    So ~ look at their friends want to Tolo Harbour feelings ~

    ! Marry Tom! he is the only the best candidates!!

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    靠~ 都說不要用 翻譯器了

    還用! 真不愧是"笨蛋"

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