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Ladies Answer Please? Need tips on Girls, How to ask a girl out?

I've asked about 6 girls out, and 5 have declined me. I asked one of them out twice, though. I think its just how I do it or my appearance.

Im in 8th grade, I have really tan skin because im foreign, I have dark brown hair thats goes over my ears and sort of curls up. It sways to the right and goes right over my eyes. I have dark brown eyes, and I have a small beauty mark on my nose, and on the left side of my face. Im not very strong, but Im on the football team. I've been called the saying 'Dark, Tall, and Handsome' but im not very tall.

The girls I ask out are usually way out of my league, and I usually just tell them how I feel and ask them out.

So my questions are, do I sound good looking, how do you like a guy to ask you out, and what do you look for in a guy?

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    Seriously, you seem like your probably attractive. Most girls care more about personality though (it seems corny) but if she's a nice girl she'll go on a date with you and see how it goes and things can go from their. It depends on the girl but just think is she shy? does she get nervous when there are allot of people around? is she outgoing? does she like crowds and attention? because personally I am outgoing and really confident and don't mind public displays of affection but my friend hates that and would say no if it were in public. If she's shy you can just tell her you like her and want to go on a date and see if you guys 'mesh' or to see how it goes together. don't do the whole 'lets go out' because most girls don't like that. If she's confident don't be afraid of something big, and public. I (personally, its different for different people) say yes more often to crazy, inventive ways of asking me out that just asking but again it depends on the girl, my personal favorite is writing a song (just change the lyrics to her favorite song to asking her out) hold up a poster asking her out! anything works. Just remember not to say 'lets go out' suggest something like 'you want to see a movie together and see how things go? i like you and I want to spend time alone with you to see how things go' that sounds like your expecting less. Your not expecting a relationship and it seems less imposing. So i hope this helped!

    -good luck

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