Decoration ideas for a green and white bedroom?

I'm planning on redoing my bedroom this summer in a green and white, with black accents. I want my room to be very crisp, and a little old fashioned looking (40s/50s look). I'm planning on using a polka dot print at least a little bit. Any suggestions for decoration ideas? (pictures, lamp shades, books to display, comforters/quilts... anything!) I'd appreciate links/pictures if you can. Thanks!

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  • 10 years ago
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    This may or may not give you some ideas..

    And here is some stuff that is all dottie themed

    You may just want to search all over pbteen! I LOVE that website! Some thing you can also do is something like a butterfly chair in fact have a green one that I got from target. Or a mushroon chair. just like the ones of the website.

    I would consider this lamp

    Here you can design your own lamp

    What you need to do is just search pbteen! It has a lot! The only thing is it can get pricey! I hope I helped!

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    for posters ANY KIND of poster go to www. this site has excellent prices for great pictures! maybe some comfy lounge chairs they have some at target, walmart, or pottery barn teen. try to find a solid color comforter and decorate your lamps and put some patterned pillows. look on those websites they all have a variety of things! hope this helps good luck!

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    10 years ago

    You can see at :

    there are a few examples of bedroom design that may interest you. or you can view the entire design of rooms at the following links:

    To model the lighting you can see on the following links:

    But I'm more interested in lighting design at the link below:

    Source(s): See more information at
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    this is amazingly elementary. what's your well-liked colour? you merely want 2 or maybe 3 colorings to get each little thing going. take your well-liked colour and apply it to your bedspread and curtains alongside with a rug on the floor. discover an same colour out of your well-liked colour and use it for photos putting on the wall. incorporate each and all of the colours mutually and this stands out as the colour on your sheets. there are a number of concepts for nightstands and tables you ought to use glass or you may conceal them with matching colorings out of your mattress. your lampshades could be white or you may blend and tournament. take time and this undertaking will come out on your delight you would be so pleased with your self in the top. sturdy success.

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