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1800's history doesn't make sense?

1. Why was the election of 1800 important? - what was the problem and what was the solution?

2. How/Why did political parties develop

3. What was the plan to pay the national and states debt? What was the main opposition? Was the plan approved? What was the compromise (Washington DC)?

4. How did newspapers influence the growth of political parties?

5. How did the Electoral College determine who became vice president and why was this a problem? What was the 12th Amendment?

6. What was accomplished or not accomplished during jefferson's administration?

7. What were the war hawks?

8. How did the views of Thomas Jefferson and Alexander Hamilton differ?

9. What was the Missouri Compromise?

10. What was Henry Clay's American System?

Thanks soooo much. Your guess is as good as mine on this stuff~ ':(

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    The election of 1800 put Jefferson (democratic-republican) against Adams (federalist) and eventually brought the federalist party to an end, leaving only the democratic-republican party. Political parties developed as men of similar interests got together to achieve political goals. Newspaper influenced political parties by informing the people of why they should or shouldn't support a candidate. For instance one tool Andrew Jackson used to get into office in 1828 was to print and move newspapers which essentially slandered his opponent and solidified his idealized image as a rugged American War hero from the Battle of New Orleans. The result of this was the splitting of the democratic-republican party and the creation of the Democratic party (nicknamed the Jacksonians until about 1832), and then the Republican party a few years after. The 12th amendment deals with how the president is elected. The defect was realized in 1800 because basically whoever received the most electoral votes was made president while the person with the second most was made vice president. So, this leaves open the possibility of having a pres and vice pres with conflicting interests and kinda would give the vice pres a reason to have the pres assassinated so that he could succeed him and put his party's interests in motion, lol. The Missouri Compromise was an agreement by pro and anti-slavery congressmen concerning regulation of slavery in the west. It permitted slavery only in Missouri (and possibly Tennesee I think). Clay's American system was a series of proposed ideas based on some of the ideas of Alexander Hamilton. They were basically ways in which the government would build roads to help build agriculture and the economy and also to create a national bank. Basically 1800's liberalism I guess, lol. That's all I can remember, my brain is fried lmao. Hope that helped a little at least!

    Source(s): Self. I'm in college and taking a US history pre-Columbus to the Civil War course this semester.
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    The civil conflict hadn't began yet in 1800. you may do the signing of the assertion of Independance, the ratification of the form, the defeat of the British in the Revolution, the admittance of a state to the U. S..

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