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What is the best gaeltacht to go?(for the best fun)?

A large group of my friends and I are planing to go to the gaeltacht next year and we were wondering what the best one to go to. I've been to acle before but i don't want o go back. Please help me!

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    Gweedore in Donegal is pretty cool I was there a couple of summers when I was a kid. Its beside the beach and theres lots of water activities along with the language learning.I was in rathcairn Co. Meath aswell but its a bit small. I have only visited Connemara( Co.Galway) I wasn't there for the learning experience but it is a big Gaelteacht and Galway city is very close and its a nice city. I don't know much about the munster gaeltachts. From my time in Gweedore I would recommend it but it really depends what dialect you want to learn I personally like the Cois Fharraige (essentially Galway Irish) the best.

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    colaite na hoileann was good craic

    Source(s): was there...granted a few years ago now
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    lurgan gaillimh!

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