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Meg asked in Beauty & StyleHair · 9 years ago

Dying over permanent hair dye?

I've been dying my hair red for a while now and I want to go back to my natural hair colour (Which is medium - light brown). I've looked up different ways of going about it, and I really don't like the sound of most of them!

I can't stand the thought of going for about 2 years with half brown/half red hair

I really don't want it to get cut shorter

And I REALLY don't want to get it stripped, leaving my hair brittle and horrid.

Would dying over the red with a colour which is similar to my natural hair colour be a good idea? Or would it mix with the red dye and turn out to be a totally different colour?

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  • Anonymous
    9 years ago
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    Firstly you need to be aware that dying over red hair dye can be problematic, it can leave weird undertones on the colour which you put on top of it. I would advice as, i recently did this with my own hair, for you to remove the colour using a colour relaxer first (i know you said you didn't want to strip it but really this is the best way and if you are dying over it in brown your hair shouldn't be left in a bad condition) Garnieer do a good one. When you use the colour relaxer your hair will be orange, (scary i know but it's easy to dye over) then dye over it in the colour which matches your hair colour, you may need to do this twice depending on your hair length, (the dying over not relaxing it).

    One thing to note, this has worked for me this is why i'm telling you it but everyones hair is different. Good luck!!

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  • Ingrid
    Lv 4
    4 years ago

    For the best answers, search on this site

    Black permanent hair dye is very hard to get rid of. You'll have to bleach the color out and it could take a couple of times. Although it might turn it orange with one bleach and a red dye might work good over that (especially a semi permanent type)

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  • 9 years ago

    it depends on how bright the red is to be honest..

    i dyed my hair a using a permanent dark hair dye & only did it twice & then decided i wanted to go back to my natural dark brown hair colour.

    ive dyed it dark brown twice & my hair has the slightest tint of red, but you can only really see it in the sunlight, so i will probably dye it again in a few months.

    getting a trim will help your hair grow faster & healthier (causing the process of growing the dye out to happen faster too).

    dyeing hair is a tricky business as a lot of the time the colors do mix, go to your hairdressers & see what they recommend?

    hope this helped :)

    Source(s): my own experience :)
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