Am I prego or did Feb 28days throw my period off?

I am TTC, not on BC.. So I always get my period on the 29th but since Feb only had 28days my period came on the first of March. So I was still expecting my period the 29th of March and it never came so I'm seven days late now, when I was 4 days late I took a dollar store test and it came out Negative. I was wondering if there is a chance I am prego and it's to early to test or did Feb just throw my period off?

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  • Kriss
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    9 years ago
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    yes, Feb threw your period off by 1 day + however many days the bleeding normally lasts for you. and yes, you could be pregnant. (what's normal for me: my entire cycle is 30 days--counting out the actual days of my cycle, there is no change but when looking at the calendar dates it appears my period starts on different days of the month and Feb will throw those dates off by as much as a week.)

    so, if you bleed for 4 days then your period is off by 5 days. If you don't start your period in the next day or two, then test again.

    ::keeping my fingers crossed for you:: Good luck!

  • Anonymous
    9 years ago

    Your period would not normally always come on the 29th of every month, since each month has a different amount of days. If I understand correctly, your period in January started on the 29th, the one in February came instead on March 1st, and now you're late for this month's period. Your last cycle was a 31-day cycle so you might not be as late as you think you are because you're assuming you have a 28-day cycle. If you did have a 28-day cycle, yes, your period would be a week late, but if your cycle is normally longer, like it was last time, it could just be about 4 days late since 31 days since your last cycle was April 1st. If you had sex during the month of March, after your last period, you could be pregnant. The number of days in February has nothing to do with your cycle, and you seem to have longer cycles, so your period might just be coming even later than 31 days. I suggest testing again with either First Response Early Result (non-digital) or New Choice (the dollar store brand). The two tests are equally sensitive, capable of detecting as little as 25 IU/mL of HCG. However, if the test is negative but you still don't get your period, you should go to the doctor and get a quantitative blood test because the results are accurate sooner than with urine tests since HCG shows up faster in your blood. A quantitative test is good for early pregnancy because it tells you exactly how much HCG is in your blood, whereas a qualitative one only detects a certain amount of HCG in your blood, such as 25 IU/mL, the same way a urine test works. So if a fertilized egg recently implanted in your uterus, even a qualitative blood test might be negative because it could be too early to even detect 25 IU/mL of HCG. I hope this helps and good luck to you!

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