Newer version of Spybot Search and Destroy?

Having problems with a scareware called Anti Virus 2011 (which I'm still battling so if anyone has a easy understandable DIY guide to sort it, currently using my laptop after doing system restore and think the virus is hidden somewhere), I'm re-downloading the protection for my laptop. I've got AVG 11, Malwaresbyte anti malware, and Spybot search and destroy.

Spybot version Ive got is so is there a newer version out?

And malwaresbyte anti malware - is there a newer one than the 1.50?

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  • 10 years ago
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    You are current. Malwarebytes database version is 6281 at the moment

  • 10 years ago

    Computers with Windows also come with Microsoft's Malicious Software Removal Tool. If you've been doing your Microsoft updates, it'll be current. If not, when you run it, it'll update.

    To run it: in XP - Start>Run and type mrt in the box and click OK. In Vista or W7:Start>All Programs>Accessories>Run and type mrt in the box and click OK. Microsoft updates the mrt once a month (or more if new threats appear). It's designed to remove the latest and baddest of the threats against Windows machines.

    Whenever you open Spybot the first thing you should do is check for updates because there will always be new definitions to download. Since the free Malwarebytes scan is time-sensitive, you should download a new one if you're going to run it. If you have the full Malwarebytes software, it should update automatically unless you've turned it off. The version of the program doesn't matter as much as whether or not they're up-to-date with the newest malware definitions. If their definitions are not up-to-date, they won't be able to find the newest nasties.

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