Gallstone and ERCP? Help please?

My doctor assumes I have a gallstone in my bile duct (already went to er and had ultrasound and tests) so I'm going to be scheduled for a ERCP to remove (the potential) gallstone.. my question is do I need to prepare for it? The nurse said until the procedure I need 'clear liquids' only.. I'm assuming the means clear liquid diet? Is that because I can't have food in my stomach? Also, if i don't need an empty stomach for the procedure, then can I just eat fruits and veges instead of clear liquids to try and prevent gallstone attacks?

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  • 9 years ago

    You need only clear liquids because you need an empty stomach for them to get the scope past your stomach. And also in case the tear a hole in it the contents won't come pouring out into your abdominal cavity.

    In addition, your not to eat anything for at least 4 hours prior. This is so you don't vomit when they put the scope down your throat.

    You should really have asked these questions when they told you the instruction because it is the centers job to make sure you understand everything.

    Best wishes...hope your well soon!

    Source(s): personal knowledge, works in medical field, had gall stone surgery
  • 9 years ago

    You've got a bit mixed up here. I think you will find this website really useful:

    Follow the instruction that will be sent to you when you receive your appointment and don't try to do your own thing. In the meantime a low fat diet will reduce your risk of getting pain from your gall stones.

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