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Top 10 Young Talents in Football?

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A wee video to remind people :P Have a feeling Neymar will be no.1

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    1 Neymar - Pure class will get into any team in the world's starting 11 bar Barca, Manu and Chelsea

    2 Alexis Sanchez - Everyone wants him , hes lighting fast and many see him as the new Ronaldo

    3 Thomas Muller - Already one of the very best attacking players in world football top workrate

    4 Jack Wilshire - Has excelled as a National team starter and is one of the best passers around .

    5 Javier Pastore - The playmaker can just about do anything with the football so much potential

    6 Marko Marin - maybe lacks form sometimes but when on form has been even comapred to Messi

    7 Edin Hazard - Littel Edin is a quick , tricky winger who can dribble the ball past defenders for fun

    8 Rafael Da Silva - Is now a regular in the right back position at MU and has really held is own

    9 Scott Sinclair - Is driving Swansea City to promotion , this guy is one of the best in his league

    10 Simon Kjaer - Much sort after player who looks already like a solid centre back(never makes mistakes)

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    1.LaDanian Tomlinson 2. Stephen Jackson 3. Larry Johnson 4. Shaun Alexander 5. Frank Gore 6. Peyton Manning 7. Brian Westbrook 8. Laurence Maroney 9.Willie Parker 10. Rudi Johnson

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    Where is Juan Aguedelo from the U.S.? lol

    Source(s): The Step Brothers!!!
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