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what do you think about Terry Jones?

I'm wondering how on earth is he even a pastor..supposedly someone who should be promoting peace and love.

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    Read any biography about him - he's not right in the head. He made false claims (insisted people call him "Dr. Jones" despite no PhD), reportedly ran his church like a cult, encouraged parents to beat their children, and has a list of things that a Pastor should not be doing. Basically, Jones believes that Islam encourages violence, and that Muslims want to impose Sharia (Islam's religious law) in America... He's a nut case.

    That being said, he is within his legal right to burn the Qur'an. America is supposed to be a free country - someone could burn a Bible, and while I would consider it offensive, I wouldn't begin rioting. Similarly, it's legal to burn an American flag in protest. While I doubt you'd make many friends doing it, it is legal for you to do if you want. You're free to do it.

    However, you need to realize the consequences of your actions. The Muslims regard the book as being sacred. Not just the words written on the book, but the book itself. This belief is what caused the riots after the burning. I would have hoped that Jones thought ahead about his plan, and that he would have realized the potential consequences. In burning the book, he pushed some people who may not have been radicals before to become fanatics. He also put the lives of more American soldiers at risk. Jones is a an egotistical jackass only interested in serving himself. He runs his congregations like cults, and like any cult leader, he just wants glory for himself, not for what he's brainwashed people into believing.

    Jones legally has the right to burn those books. However, morally, I believe he knows he shouldn't have done it. But at the same time, he burned a book. He did it in response to an attack on us that killed thousands (including my grandfather). He burned a book, and Muslims around the world reacted - rioting, and even killing people.... over a burnt book. Jones was seeking to prove his point, and he knew he would. He showed that many radical Islam followers are ready and willing to use violence. Basically he can now use that to further vilify Islam and point to the violence of their extreme followers.

    However, he disregards the other side of Islam - the billions of peaceful followers. In my opinion, fanatics in any religious sect are not to be trusted. Islam, Christian, whatever it is, if you are attempting to use violence to prove your point about a religion, you are severely off the course of what that the religion has tried to teach you. Jones is no better than any other extremist.

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    Terry Jones was hilarious on Monty Python and his science and history specials are brilliant.

    I heartily recomend "The Crusades" and the companion book.

    Oh, and Ithink the "Pressed Fairies" book was his too. Quite good.

    I didn't know he was a pastor.

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    I don't think much of him. As for how he's a pastor, there's no guarantee someone who's a Christian is going to be a good person. Look up Fred Phelps.

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    I think he proved that Muslims cannot be tolerant.

    He also proved that Americans have been conditioned to not even be able to criticize the Muslim religion in their very own country due to fear of consequences. Americans act as if Jones himself flew to Afganistan and kill innocent UN workers.

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    He played Brain's mother in Life of Brian, if I remember correctly

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    For $25 and a self addressed stamped envelope you to can become an ordained minister! (buddy became one by mail in college so he could perform a wedding)

    Heck it might even cost less now and you can probably do it online now too!

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    The actions of this brain-dead redneck cause the unnecessary deaths of 20 people in Afghanistan and he doesn't even care. This is ignorance at its zenith; only in America can people be so fuc*ing stupid.

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    I think he is an attention seeker, but he won't be famous, he will be infamous. He is irresponsible. If he is a Christian he is not following the leading of the Holy Spirit. He needs to ask himself "What would Jesus do?'

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    Coward. Think he'll ever take responsibility for the other lives lost because of this stunt?

    He even put his own congregation members in danger. That's why they are leaving.

  • Anonymous
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    Who said religion was all about peace and love all the time. He is teaching people the value of our first amendement rights.

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