how does Bosnian differ from Croatian and Serbian? please give examples?

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    They all originated from the old language called Serbo-Croatian, that's the language which was spoken in Yugoslavia. When the Yugoslavia broke apart, 4 new languages were created (Serbian, Montenegrin, Bosnian and Croatian). Some people don't admit Montenegrin and Bosnian as languages, they say that they're just dialects of Serbian.

    The major difference between these 4 languages is in the pronunciation. Serbian language uses Ekavian, and Montenegrin, Bosnian and Croatian use Ijekavian pronunciation. And also in some parts of the Croatia people use Ikavian pronunciation. For example the word "BODY": in Ekavian (Serbian) it's TELO /teh-loh/, in Ijekavian it's TIJELO /tee-yeloh/ and in Ikavian it's TILO /tee-loh/.

    The Serbian and Montenegrin are 99% the same, the only difference is the pronunciation. Bosnian and Serbian are also very similar, but Bosnians use a lot of Turkish words, for example DŽENAZA /jay-nah-sah/ (funeral), BUJRUM /booy-roohm/ (welcome), ... Croatian is a bit different from other 3 languages because it has a lot of different slang's, and words, but Serbian people know Croatian words and vice versa. Some people say that the Croatian and Bosnian are 100% the same, but that's not true, they are about 90% similar... Serbian, Montenegrin and Bosnian use international month names (Januar, Februar, Mart,...) while Croatian uses their own (Siječanj, Veljača, Ožujak,...)

    When you learn one of these languages you can communicate with no trouble with people from these countries.

    Also Serbian and Montenegrin use both Latin and Cyrillic script, while Croatian and Bosnian use only latin. Also in some parts of Bosnia people use Cyrillic, and in some parts Arabic scripts.

    Because all of these languages are very similar, sometimes you can't make a difference between Serbs, Croats and Bosnians, but the difference is that the Serbs are Orthodox, Croats are Catholic and Bosnians are Muslim.

    And also, the most similar language to these 4 is Macedonian, you could probably understand it if you speak these 4. And Macedonia was also a part of Yugoslavia.


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    Bosnian (Serbo-Croatian as spoken by Bosniaks) is usually written in the Latin alphabet, and uses a bit more Turkish loanwords. Croatian uses only a variant of the Latin alphabet, and Serbian uses both a Cyrillic and a Latin alphabet. But all three languages are mutually intelligible, as they are based on the same Slavic dialect. Standard Bosnian, Croatian and Serbian are in fact different registers of the Serbo-Croatian language. On a purely linguistic level we're talking about slight variants of one and the same language.

    An example :

    English - Serbian - Bosnian and Croatian

    tobacco - duvan - duhan

    to cook - kuvati - kuhati

    dry - suvo - suho

    deaf - gluvo - gluho

    More at :

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