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how to process laminated glass with EVA Film?

how do we use silicone vacuum bag? how to operate EVA glass laminating machine ?

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    1)Processing the Laminated Glass with EVA Film is different from the laminating with PVB Film.

    Difference in Oven: Laminating with PVB Film you need autoclave; laminating with EVA Film you need a simple oven: one-step laminating oven which is simpler and easier to process, and less cost to install.

    2)Install the ONE-Step of vacuum laminating Oven

    Make sure the silicone vacuuming bag is great, and the heating is even inside the oven.

    3)Combine the pre-laminated glass

    Normal the combination is :GLASS+EVA FILM+GLASS

    Cut the extra EVA Film,

    Solid the pre-laminated glass with tape

    4) Put the pre-laminated glass inside silicone vacuum bag

    Seal the silicone vacuum bag.

    Start vacuum pump, double check the vacuuming is working well, and the value of vacuum pump reaches the requirement.

    5)Heating in two temperature stages

    Normally, the heating will be set in two stage:

    Low temperature stage: 60 degrees C for 15 minutes

    High temperature stage:130 degrees C for 40 minutes

    6)Do NOT stop vacuuming after the laminated glass is cool as room temperature

    Don’t stop vacuuming until the laminated glass is cool to the room temperature, Or the bubbles will come out inside the laminated glass.

    Preparation for Glass Lamination with EVA Film

    Preparation for Lamination:

    1)Cut the glass as the size you want, and use Glass Edging Machines to shape the edges of the glasses, which will avoid the glasses hurt the silicon bag.

    2)Use the purified water, deionized water, industrial alcohol or Ethanol to clean the glasses, then use the clean hot wind to dry the glasses. Make sure no black spot, water mark, finger print etc on the glasses.


    1)Put the EVA FILM on the bottom glass, make sure the EVA Film is plain, then put the other glass on the EVA Film, then use the high-temperature-resistance tape to seal the pre-laminated glass.

    2)Cut the extra EVA FILM that outside the pre-laminated glass. Don’t pull the EVA Film hard to avoid the remove of the EVA Film. Cutting out the extra EVA Film can void the extra EVA Film melting and sealing the edges of the laminating glass and stop the vacuuming.

    3)When you put the pre-laminated glass in the silicon bag, make sure that each pre-laminated glass is 3-5cm away from each other to help vacuuming.

    4)To help vacuuming, you can also put the wooden bar around the silicon bag to help vacuuming.

    Notes: if you seal the pre-laminated glass totally with tape, you need to make some small holes on the tapes to help vacuuming.

    Heating Procedures of Laminating Glass with EVA Film

    1)Before the silicon bag shelf being pushed into the oven, start the vacuum pump to vacuuming for 3-5five mins. Check whether the silicon bag is leaking or not. And the vacuum value should at least be 0.095Mpa.

    2)Push the silicon bag shelf into the oven, then set the parameters of temperature and time. Following two STAGE heating temperature and time. The low temperature stage is 60degress C and 15mins. And the high temperature stage is 130 degree C and 40 mins (notes:following the instructions that the EVA FILM MANUFACTURERS give you). Because it takes time for the heat transfer through the silicon bag, so the temperature the detector gets may be different from the real temperature of the laminated glass.

    3)Stop heating. Wait till the temperature is lower than 75 degrees, then open the oven door and pull out the silicon shelf to help cooling. But don’t open the silicon bag or let cold water tough the laminated glass.

    4)After the temperature is lower than 50 degree, now you can open the silicon bag and check the laminated glass.

    Processing Temperature and Time for Laminating Glass with EVA FILM

    1) Indoor EVA FILM (like 110 degrees) need lower temperature for laminating than outdoor EVA FILM (130 degrees).

    2) If you laminating thicker glass with more layers of EVA FILM, then the keeping time should be longer, for example if 5mmglass+0.38mm EVA FILM +5mm glass is 130 degree and 40 min, then 10mm glass+2layer EVA FILM +10mm glass should be 130 degree and 55mins.

    Because more time is needed for the heat pass through the thicker glass and more layer EVA FILM.

    Learn more, please visit:

    If you still have questions, feel free to contact us: /

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    Eva Laminated Glass

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    is there anywhere to fixed lamination bubbles in glass???

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    i will recommend this site to you.

    it is awesome!!!

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