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作演講辭(英文) 關於運動


You are a local sports star and your secondary school principal has invited you to give a speech about your life in sports. You need to talk about your preparation in being a successful sports star and how you balance your studies and the endless trainings that you need to attend. End your speech by providing measures the government and parents could do to help create another sports star.


我唔識作....幫幫我 (>λ<)


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    Preparatory school association chair hits out at example set by 'rowdy' sportsmen. Martin Edwards reports

    Petulant and rowdy sports stars are a bad influence on children, a leading headteacher said this week. David Kidd said poor sportsmanship was undermining the work of teachers trying to instil a spirit of honesty and fair play in pupils.Mr Kidd, chair of the Incorporated Association of Preparatory Schools, told its annual conference: "Every time a player dives in the penalty area, or is seen in close-up on TV mouthing obscenities, every time a player clearly pulls a shirt or feigns injury to get an opponent off, our job becomes that much harder."Sir Trevor Brooking, the former England and West Ham star, now director of football development with the Football Association, said: "In any sport, you'll always have a minority of players who act badly but most are well-behaved and can be good role models."It's up to us to identify the good examples and clamp down on the bad elements."An ECB spokesman said: "Players are aware of their responsibilities but of course in all levels of sport, there will be people who perhaps won't be as honest as they could be."

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