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We accidentally scared a Mother bird from her nest, and there is a baby bird there. Will the baby bird die?

There's a bird nest near our house (I think Mourning Bird). My mom thought it would be a good idea to give the mother bird some food, but she scared her off instead! Of course, now we know that was a really bad decision (and we've taken the food away so predators don't come).

It's been about 2 hours and still no mother bird (almost 10pm now). We are worried because there is a baby bird in the nest..... Will the mother bird come back? I don't know if there are any eggs left. Will the baby bird survive? It's nighttime, so I am worried the baby will die from the cold, since her mother was keeping her warm.

We really hope that the mom comes back.. My mom feels bad, too!

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    Be sure not to move the nest. I have had this happen before. Birds have an amazing memory but if you move the nest even an inch she may not be able to find them. It's just the way birds are. As long as you don't mess with the nest at all, she should come back. She may be scavenging for food so don't be surprised if it takes her a few more hours to get back. As long as it isn't literally freezing where you are, the babies should be fine till the mama gets back. Goodluck!

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    the shown fact that her wing touched you potential not something. mom birds are remote from the nest lots, looking nutrition. placed the nest someplace in a greater secluded spot, yet interior reach of direction. the mummy is attentive to the toddlers are there yet is worried approximately going returned to them because of the fact they're close to people. Chalice

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    Your Mom made a bad decision, especially at night when baby birds need to be settled under their mothers for warmth. Feeding takes place much earlier and their was no need for your Mom to do what she did. Now you have to live with the consequences and allow the mother bird to come back which she wont do if you are all still in the area and watching.

    Go to bed and hope shes back by morning. '

    Next time educate yourselves about what's helpful and what isnt in relation to wild birds and their nests and feeding habits......and leave things alone.

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    As long as you leave the nest alone, she should come back.

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    don't worry,stay away from the area around the nest,she'll be back

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    She'll likely be back soon. Birds are good parents by and large, and won't abandon their young as easily as people think.

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    nope, it will be fine. just leave the nest alone.

  • Anonymous
    9 years ago

    Just take the baby bird out of that nest and take care of him.

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