Naturally Curly Hair Hairstyles?

Ok so i looked up questions about the same topic but it wasnt very helpful. Im in 8th grade and i have loose curly curls if that makes sense ... I am Bi-Racial ( hispanic & black ). I dont like side ponytails , Loose Bun , and dont mention shraightening your hair im looking for CURLY hairstyles! .. i have side bangs and my hair has like 2 long layers ? It looks somthing like this …

But my hair is longer ! SO... any curlyhair' Hairstyles Ideas Im tired of having it out all plain !!!! Please & Thank yuhh :L :DDDDD !!!


Thanks Candance I have try scrunching it (alot of time) but what style do i put it if i do it ?

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    9 years ago
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    I have naturally curly hair too :)! I use to have side swept bangs as well (I recently went for straight across bangs though) I even have long layers so it looks like our hair is super similar lol. And I know, sometimes it can get really boring to just leave it down everyday.

    I know your for a fan of loose buns so maybe this hairstyle it too much like it, but if you put your hair in a ponytail and the very last time you pull it through only pull it halfway to the tips of your hair are pointing up, I think it looks really cute and casual.

    Another style is half up. It can look super cute with curly hair and is super easy to put in if you have a clip. just pull back the very top layer of hair and slip it back. You can use a ponytail holder or a scrunchy too, but sometimes that messes up the curls because you have to pull your hair apart instead of just bunching it together and clipping it. Here a pic of what it can kinda look like :)!

    Really really low pigtails can look cute too in my opinion. Like you if you tie up your hair almost at the very bottom, a little bit higher ones can look cute too. Or even low braids, if you only braid the bottom of your hair I think that can look cute too :)!!! I looked but I can't find any good pictures to show you what I'm talking about, sorry ;(. Here is kind of what a little bit higher pigtails would look like: Heres the low braids, except you could do it without straightening the top lol:

    Well I hope I kind of helped :)!!! Best of luck!!

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    9 years ago

    I, too, have long, curly hair! Most of the time I leave my hair down. I keep my curls in-tact and full of life by tying my hair up in a bun on the top of my head at night. By morning, my hair is still bouncy and manageable! I know you don't like loose buns, but they do look especially cute with curly hair. What you can do is french braid your bangs. Take your bangs while pinning back the rest of your hair and french braid them. When you're done, let the rest of your hair go, and voila! Simple and beautiful hair! Side bangs look great with your hair, and so do straight across bangs. Here's a pic; Cute, huh? It's definitely worth a shot! They're easy to manage and don't need much styling. And the best part is, if you get tired of them, they grow out quickly! Styling curly hair can be tough, I know, so if you're looking for something different, try dying your hair, highlights and lowlights, or get some crazy colored extensions! Have some fun with it :)

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    9 years ago

    wet your hair before you get ready by either jumping in the shower or a spray bottle. get hair gel, moose, and hair spray and scrunch by like putting gel or the mosse in your hand then grab a handful of hair and push it up. that's what i usually do..

    orr you can do i high pony tail like on the top of your head, i do that sometimes

    you can get a head band and pull your bangs back soo all you have is curls, it's really cute

    but you just need to play around with it. i have really really curly hair and i just play around with it

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    have you ever tried scrunching it?

    i have naturally curly hair as well and thats how i do my hair nearly everyday. its very quick and easy and you dont have to buy anything special, just hair gel. im not too sure how it would go down on your hair type but you could always try!

    xox candace

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