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What is the "population paradox"?

I'm having trouble identifying this term! what does "population paradox" mean?

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    The population paradox is a very interesting term. A paradox is defined as: "A paradox is a seemingly true statement or group of statements that lead to a contradiction or a situation which seems to defy logic or intuition".

    The paradox is often used in the field of human population and development. The contradictions are many. In a global sense, most people would want a world with less poverty. In overpopulated areas, less people. Environmentally, less population. The contradictions are forexample that if you reduce the poverty in a poor country, that country`s pollution and consumption will increase. While that country`s birth rate will decline.

    As usual, the devil is in the detail. Western Europeans get 10 times the calorific intake from meat than do those in the least developed countries of the world. The US has 25 times as many cars per 1,000 people as China. Norway consumes around 50 times the amount of household electricity than does Indonesia.

    You cant ignore live standard and consumtion when discussing and researching forexample overpopulation. While an average person in Texas can own a car, use gas, and own multiple household electronics, eat meat every day, produce large amounts of garbage. Replace goods. This may not apply to a third world person. The paradox is that, live standard has become the best birth control. Even replacing condoms as number #1.

    All in all a very interesting and diverse term that can be used in many situations. This is just some of the population paradox. Its a popular term. Very interesting. Read up on these subjects and you will be safe. Good luck.

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    Population Paradox

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    A paradox (something seemingly contradictory) requires one thing compared to or contrasted against another. In the case of population studies, there are many different options, so it's whatever the author chooses to compare and contrast. There is not ONE big population paradox. (Well, unless you are an author that wants to sell a book or an idea. Then you might consider yours is the one and only. And I'll get a thumbs down from someone like that.)

    And it should be noted that a paradox can be real or false, depending on the underlying data or premise. Inaccuracies could cause someone to see a false paradox.

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    What is the "population paradox"?

    I'm having trouble identifying this term! what does "population paradox" mean?

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