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why is lobbying legal?

Lobbying is legalized bribery, why is it legal?

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    It is NOT legalized bribery.

    It is legal because it is in the CONSTITUTION!

    Yes, believe it or not, LIKE it or not, lobbying is a GUARANTEED FIRST AMENDMENT RIGHT. It is called the Right to PETITION. See the Wikipedia article below for more details, but I will quote here:

    While the prohibition of abridgment of the right to petition originally referred only to the federal legislature (the Congress) and courts, the incorporation doctrine later expanded the protection of the right to its current scope, over all state and federal courts and legislatures and the executive branches of the state and federal governments. The right to petition includes under its umbrella the right to sue the government, and the right of individuals, groups and possibly corporations to lobby the government.

    === So, you see, it does not matter whether the petitioner is a "representative" of a certain individual or GROUP, the CONSTITUTION GUARANTEES that everyone has this RIGHT.

    WHY is it okay for an actor to address a Congressional Committee on, say, domestic abuse but it is NOT okay for a lawyer to address the same committee regarding smokers' rights? WHO is going to be the "doorkeeper" to who can lobby and who cannot? It is okay to lobby congress for handicapped rights but not okay for the bankers to hire a lawyer to tell congress not to overstep its regulatory bounds? JUST as with the right to freedom of speech, the right to lobby congress to "redress" grievances, ALL "parties" MUST be welcomed regardless of how objectionable the group may be.

    This has been tried in the Supreme Court in the past, and the court has stated, in essence, that no one can be denied the right to "redress" their grievances before Congress, BUT, that does NOT mean that Congress has to LISTEN to them.

    There are already laws against bribing congressional members, and these lobbying groups do NOT BRIBE... or else they WOULD be in prison.

    If you are unhappy about how lobbyists financially "influence" Congress, then let's address these loopholes to end their ability to donate to campaigns and such.

    But IF you take the "Right to Petition" OUT of the Constitution, you are going to harm ALL "special interest" groups, including those who "should" be heard.

    1. REPEAL the 16th Amendment!!

    2. DISBAND The FED!


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  • mattle
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    9 years ago

    There's nothing wrong with lobbying. Corporations, unions, non-profits and the like are just groups of people. Those people organize their political interests through lobbyists. It's simply a means of organizing the people's voices.

    With that said, we should absolutely bind Congress' ability to pass special legislation that favors certain groups via tax loopholes, regulation and contract award policy. If there are no tax loopholes, no regulations and every contract must be won through a fair bidding process, there there are no favors for Congress to give. THAT solves the problem.

  • Anonymous
    9 years ago

    It's called Freedom.

    Obama is receiving Millions & Millions of dollars right now, for His 2012 Campaign.

    He expects to have over a Billion for the Next Election.

  • Anonymous
    9 years ago

    Free Speech

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  • Oreo
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    9 years ago

    Congress makes the laws and I dont see anyone of them wanting to sponsor a Bill that no lobbyist are allowed within 500 feet of the WH.

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    Freedom of speech.

    Source(s): Constitution.
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    So they can legally be shady and underhanded. Who do you think passed laws to make it ok, or prevented any laws from passing to make it not-ok? That's right - the people paying the lobbyists.

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    Lobbying? You mean letting your representatives know how you feel? That should be illegal?


  • Chuck
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    9 years ago

    It is part of the freedom in a democratic society.

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    Ask yourself why most in Congress and in any administration were first a lawyer and you shall have your answer.

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