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Anonymous asked in Arts & HumanitiesPerforming Arts · 9 years ago

What is an awesome audition song?

For a musical?? I need to find one..I'm an alto and I can go pretty low-but I also wanna hit the top of my range...just because, you're supposed to, I don't know. haha.

Anyways what are some good audition songs that are not too incredibly hard to sing, but can 'wow' the directors?

I'm up for pop, country, Disney, and regular musical theatre stuff, my voice isnt too powerful, so like no Whitney..haha

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  • 9 years ago
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    Don't sing a song written and performed by a guy if you are a girl at an audition. Not all of these will be in your range, but you can always get help transposing it into a more fitting key.

    Gloria Estefan/Miami Sound machine—

    Here we are

    I need your love

    Words get in the way

    You made a fool of me

    I need a Man

    Love me


    Before the dawn



    Good enough



    Fields of innocence

    My last breath

    Like you



    Top of the world


    Rainy days and Mondays

    Close to you

    For all we know

    I just fall in love again

    Only Yesterday

    I won’t last a day without you

    This Masquerade

    When I fall in love

    Yesterday once more

    Hurting each other

    You’re the one

    Sarah Brightman—

    Only an ocean away

    Who wants to live forever

    Dust in the wind

    Deliver me

    Wishing you were somehow here again (Phantom)

    Whiter Shade of pale



    Beautiful day

    Ship of fools

    When it rains in America

    Another suitcase in a another hall (evita)


    The power of goodbye


    Crazy for you (Desperately Seeking Susan)

    Live to tell

    True blue

    Take a bow



    Papa don’t preach

    Charlotte Church—

    All the pretty little horses

    Ave Maria

    O Holy Night

    Bridge over troubled Water

    Just wave hello




    Meadows of Heaven

    Cadence of her last breath


    Ella Fitzgerald--

    A tisket a tasket

    How high the moon

    The man I love

    Dream a little dream

    More than you know

    Acid queen--Tommy

    Smash the mirror--Tommy

    If I loved you—Carousel

    Love Changes everything—Aspects of love

    Making Whoopee (Whoopee & Fabulous Baker Boys)

    My Funny Valentine (Babes in arms & Fabulous Baker Boys)

    Que Sera Sera (whatever will be will be)—Doris Day (The Man who know too much)

    Getting to know you—The King and I

    Hello, Young lovers—The King and I

    I could have danced all night—My Fair Lady

    I dreamed a dream—Les Miserables

    Summertime—Porgy & Bess

    Bali Hai—South Pacific

    Happy Talk—South Pacific

    Gonna wash that man right out of my hair—South Pacific

    Children will listen—Into the woods

    Castle on a cloud—Les Miserables

    There are worse things I could do—Grease

    Hopelessly devoted to you—Grease

    It’s raining on prom night--Grease

    Movie in my mind—Miss Saigon

    I’d give my life for you—Miss Saigon

    A million miles away (behind the door)—Paint your wagon

    Lost in your Eyes-Debbie Gibson

    Foolish Beat—Debbie Gibson

    Saving all my love for you—Whitney Houston

    Love take time—Mariah Carey

    Vision of love—Mariah Carey

    Music Box—Mariah Carey

    Perhaps, Perhaps, Perhaps—Doris Day (from Strictly ballroom)

    Take my breath away—Thompson Twins (Top Gun)

    The Rose—Bette Midler (the Rose)

    A dream worth keeping –Sheena Easton (Fern Gully)

    I can’t make you love me—Bonnie Raitt

    I turn to you—Christina Aguilera

    Son of a preacher man—Dusty Springfield

    Gypsies, tramps and thieves—Cher

    You were meant for me—Jewel

    Rose garden---Lynn Anderson

    White Rabbit—Jefferson Airplane

    Whatever Lola Wants—Sarah Vaughn

    Save the best for last—Vanessa Williams

    Accentuate the postitive—Andrews Sisters

    Embraceable you—Billie Holiday

    Stormy weather—Billie Holiday

    Nice work if you can get it—Billie Holiday

    Ten cents a dance—Ruth Etting

    Honeysuckle rose—Anita O’Day

    Stop the wedding—Etta James

    This kiss—Faith Hill

    Breathe—Faith Hill

    Cry—Faith Hill

    I could fall in love—Selena

    I honestly love you—Olivia Newton-John

    Gypsy—Fleetwood Mac

    Rhiannon—Fleetwood Mac

    The Chain—Fleetwood Mac

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  • 4 years ago

    Amazing Audition Songs

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  • 9 years ago

    You need something that really shows how great and versatile your voice is, heres a few ideas of cool sing songs:

    -Vannessa Carlton - A thousand miles, classic, everyones heard it.

    -Beyonce - Listen, Powerful, up for a challenge?

    -Lady Gaga - Paparazzi (this one is very good, it has high parts in the chorus, theres a great contrast between the chorus and the verse, the verse is quite choppy and hard, whereas the chorus is very strong and emotional, I did this for a show once, it went down very well, and I'm no Whitney either :P)

    -Christina Perri - Jar of hearts, very emotional, I can imagine with alot of practice it could be really awesome.

    -Christina Aguilera - Beautiful, also everyone knows this one, its risky, but could be very impressive.

    Can't think of any others at the moment. But hope you find a good song for you, and hope the audition goes well :)

    Source(s): Choosing songs for performances of mine :P
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  • 9 years ago

    The song "Over You- Daughtry" is pretty good, both ranges for the most part...

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  • Anonymous
    9 years ago

    a really musicalish one is "i dreamed a dream" from les miserable.

    its a bit of a belter, but its not too high and it sounds very impressive when its done well.

    good luck !!!

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