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Pharma Karma: which biotechnology companies offer the best current investing opportunities?

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    If you are looking for risk with a high upside I recommend Advanced Cell Technology. I've been invested in this company for three years and will hold for many more to come. The symbol is ACTC.

    Advanced Cell Technology is a biotech ( very risky ) that specializes in the stem cell or regenerative medicine field. They have developed a wide IP ( intellectual property ) that's worth millions. They own the only technology in the world that allows them to extract a single cell without harming the embryo putting the moral issue to rest. They were awarded a Patent in the United States for exclusive use. They have also been awarded patents in China, Europe and other countries.

    Advanced Cell Technology is ahead of the curve for many reasons. First, they are the second company to be awarded FDA approval to test embryonic stem cells in humans. The first one is Geron ( GERN ). They are currently the only two companies in the world to have an FDA approval for clinical trials utilizing embryonic stem cells. Advanced Cell Technology is targeting the eye at the moment while Geron is targeting spinal cord injuries. Advanced Cell Technology is due to start human trials by the end of May or middle of June. This trials have been proven successful in rats achieving a 100% improvement in rats suffering from dry macular degeneration which currently has no cure or treatment. By achieving this Advanced Cell Technology has positioned themselves to be the first company to ever be successful ( legally ) with embryonic stem cells. Geron's clinical trial is one for the history books as well but after carefully reviewing the risk v reward ration I concluded ACTC is far better positioned. Geron's trial will take longer ( years ) while ACTC's trial results will be achieved in less than a year. They also have the other FDA approval for Stargardt's Disease. Stargardts is very similar to dry amd but affects teenagers leaving the completely blind.

    Besides all the science, Advanced Cell Technology is lead by a world renowned scientist named Dr. Lanza. Dr. Lanza has achieved great success and his passion for science is unbelievable. His life story is Good Will Hunting re incarnated.

    I just brushed up the really good news so I have to be honest and give you the bad as well.

    Stem Cells are a very politcal issue. The "moral" issue almost banned stem cells for good in America. The religious people claim that those cells are actually babies and we were harvesting human beings for science... not true. Also, when you take a look at the stock the first thing you are going to notice is that it trades in the OTC market and is currently a penny stock. The reason for this is because they had to come back from the dead literally. Just three years ago they couldn't even pay the power bill and were an inch away from bankruptcy. With the lead of our former CEO Mr. William Caldwell, the company had to dilute the shares to a maximum in order to pay all the bond holders. The good news is that all debt has been paid, they have enough money to complete both trials and secured a private funding for 25 million dollars from Terren Peizer who is well known in Wall Street. They are currently in talks with major Pharmas to achieve a joint venture. Trials will start very soon and this could be the very beginning of a paradigm shift in health care delivery...

    I'm not even scratching the surface on all the amazing things ACTC has achieved over the past years. I'll leave you with my email and if you have any questions please feel free to ask. I'm also a manager of a website dedicated to stem cell companies. In there we have a broad base of members from all walks of life including professionals, investors, doctors, scientists, average joes and one sailor ( me ). The website is Is brand new, we just opened it last Saturday. You'll find great information there and very good people that could answer any doubts.

    My name is Gebroida and you will find me on the iCell website if you join. My email address is is you wish to ask any questions regarding Advanced Cell Technology or iCell.

    Here's a few links to back up the information I have given:

    Advanced Cell Technology Site:

    FDA Approvals:

    US Patent for Blastomere ( no harm to embryo ):

    Chinese Patent:

    European Patent:

    Private 25million Funding:

    Source(s): Also, if you don't know Dr. Lanza, take a few minutes to discover a great man: Dr. Lanza Wikipedia: Dr. Lanza Video ( Awesome! ): Discover Magazine Article ( MUST READ!! ):
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