Ebay sucks but what can we really do about it? (Ebay vs other sites..)?

I am growing tired of E-bay (or Fee-Bay) as they have jacked up prices for sellers continually. Soon they will be charging commission on the total price of a sale - sale price + shipping! (Shipping has always been exempt) Is there really anything that sellers can do? I feel pretty helpless as a person that is trying to make a living online. Fee-Bay sucks but it has (household) name recognition, advertising all over the 'net, and if you put something on there you know that people will be looking and if it's a popular item it will probably sell. I know there are alternatives like Ebid, Ioffer, and Bonanza...but basically you have to do all your own promotion AND list everything. I've sold a combination of four or five things through all the alt sites. Any and all suggestions are welcome because I am sick of Ebay but they very much outweigh the competion as far as marketability even if they treat sellers like crap..(Sorry for posting this question twice but I wasn't sure what category to put it in to get the most answers. Thank you.)

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  • 9 years ago
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    Yes, you're paying for going through Ebay but you're simply not just selling things through a web site- you're using all their other services as well. For one, you don't need to worry about getting paid because transactions are going through Paypal, and for another, their system is linked to Ebay sites throughout the world so you can literally market your goods internationally (I once sold a pair of binoculars to someone in Australia!). Plus, Ebay has a whole security system that can resolve differences. Not too long ago I was ripped off by one merchant, and after bringing the problem to Ebay they decided in my favor and returned the payment to me. The way I see it, paying Ebay is the same as paying for insurance. You complain when you have to pay for protection when you don't need it, but you're thankful you have it when you do need it.

    There are much cheaper alternatives like Craigslist, but the problem is that cheap also means unregulated, so all sorts of criminals are gravitating to it because they can remain anonymous. Buyers are not only being ripped off by shady dealers, criminals are likewise selling stolen merchandise which can and will be confiscated from the buyer by the police. Plus, there's that confirmed case where people were murdered via contacts they met through Craigslist. You do get what you pay for.

    The only real alternative solution to Ebay is to develop your own web site and market your goods/services through it. The problem is therefore no longer having to pay annoying auction fees, but figuring out how to market your web site so that people will want to go to it.

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  • 9 years ago

    I agree that Ebay sucks. I have had an account for quite some time now but I am most likely going to close my account. I know that ebay also needs to make money but - - do they need to charge what they do or may charge in order to do this. Maybe they should charge more to new users and give those of us that have been around for ever a little break.

    I also use Craigslist. I have posted items in multiply cities with different accounts. You need to do a phone verification so I used three different phones for my 3 different accounts. One was my cell phone, home phone and my mothers cell phone for the other.

    I don't really know a lot of other sites. Maybe something like amazon?

    Good luck

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  • willem
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  • 9 years ago

    um.........i think you can try www.craiglist.com or www.buybuybuy.com

    both sites have lower operating cost for you. and i heard Bbb has a very strict rating for its buyers.

    goodl uck!

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