what will i need to design games in flash and port them over to android?

I am not sure what program to use to design the flash games I want to use the official flash SDK as well as how I should port it over to android I have read that this can all be done. I would like to maybe make some games as well as apps that can give people information to help them study and maybe some answers to tests.

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    10 years ago
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    If you look at some of the statistics released by Google, you'd see that as I remember more than half of all android users now have a firmware of 2.1 or above. While 2.1 still can't run flash, it shows that the trend is that people update their phones to newer system versions. Many people who had gotten an early android device will switch to a newer one when their contracts finish.

    Well, my point is: just keep on making flash games and port them for 2.2+. With time, the user base able to play them is only going to grow...

    AIR applications on mobile devices are deployed as native applications. They use the application format of the device, not the AIR file format. Currently AIR supports Android APK packages and iOS IPA packages. Once you have created the release version of your application package, you can distribute your app through the standard platform mechanism. For Android, this typically means the Android Market, for iOS, the Apple App Store.

    You can use Flash Professional, Flash Builder, or another Action Script, Flash, or Flex development tool to build AIR apps for mobile devices. HTML-based mobile AIR apps are not currently supported.

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