How do you get fish in virtual villagers 5?

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    Restoring the lake is a multistage process that requires at LEAST 600 energy. Even then all the guards hanging out nearby make using it as an infinite food source a little troublesome.

    Here are the steps: *Spoilers*

    1. You need to destroy the Hollow Totem. You do this by dropping six children on it. Unlike the other totems, this one is instantly destroyed when the sixth child is added.

    2. You need to fill up the lake. You do this by using your rain power while there are still puddles in the bottom of the lake from the last rain storm. If you want you can cause both rain storms yourself, or wait until a natural rain does the first filling. You must wait for the rain to stop before starting the second storm.

    3. After this step you will have a lake full of water, but no fish. The lake will stay full until you have built your energy high enough to use the resurrection power. Use that power on the lake and the fish will be restored, giving you your source of infinite food!

    Unless your collection of relics is very complete, you will need about 50 tribes people to have 600+ energy, making this a puzzle you are likely to complete after recruiting the heretic chief.

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    Virtual Villagers 5 Walkthrough

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    Cheat - Using time: Here is a cheat for you you set your desk date to the year 1990 & start your game. Pick the one with Seven villagers One Farmer, Two Builders, Two Researchers, One doctor, One kid. Let them learn thing when they Know what to do. Change the date to 1991 Buy thing start making kids & let them learn new things. Keep doing this & it will speed up the game for you. Have fun. - Submitted by Apple Mushroom spawning: Caveats: Not sure if this is a cheat, exploit or what. Also, just found this out, so have not determined exactly how it works. Mushroom spawning seems to be related to foraging. Having a Master Farmer forage seems to create a mushroom all the time, whereas Adept or Trainee farmers spawn it only part of the time. Other factors may be involved (a time lapse, crops and fish work too) so this needs feedback from others. Note that this can keep a village alive so long as the game is played actively, there are plenty of children (use exploit where multiple children can quickly pick the same mushroom) and berries remain in the bush (berries seem to respawn somehow if not completely picked) - Submitted by Jay Bee Drum: I was just wondering if any one else noticed that you can bang the drum next to school and all the children come running and move to the beat you play. I just thought it was kind of fun! - Submitted by Jo Mushrooms: You can capitalize on the mushrooms if you have multiple children. Pause the game, then drag and drop each child on the mushroom, and then begin play again. This usually results in multiplication of the mushroom. - Submitted by M13

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    How do you get fish in virtual villagers 5?

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    Like what the first person said. They are sort of similar to cheats where you can place two kids on an object and you get two from one. These people are fair players so no cheats, however I did find a glitch that is very useful to keep orange masks away while you do something like take down a totem. All I'll say is that you place your villager in this spot and all of the heathens that chased it will just hop up and down trying to chase it when they are just remaining in place. It's somewhere around the aqueduct.

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