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Diving Manual Bundle?

Later this year I will going on a 16 week diving expedition where I will be learning to dive and getting fully trained up to Divemaster.

So this will include-

Open water

Advanced Open water

Emergency first response

Rescue diver and


Can anyone tell me if there is a bundle I can buy which will provide me with everything i need?

Or if not tell me what I am required to have other than the individual manuals themselves.

Also am I required to have a PIC card for each course or will just one do?


It is PADI requirement that all members have a copy of their own manuals...

The company are not supplying the materials, i need to buy them from internet etc

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    As far as I know, PADI do not offer a complete 'Zero to Hero' bundle, but they do offer 'Crew-Packs', which contain all the required manuals, course DVDs and dive planning/teaching slates, for each of those certifications. You will be looking at spending around 250-300 GBP (for the non-'Pro' versions) on these, if bought from a British dive retailer.

    You may also wish to consider getting hold of a cheap (Windows) laptop to take with you wherever you're going, so as to be able to view the course DVDs and use the CD-ROM versions of the Encyclopedia of Recreational Diving, and Knowledge Workbook (if you can find a Crew Pack which includes these, rather than hardcopies). The Divemaster-level dive theory exams are based on the Encyclopedia.

    And yes, you do have to get a C-card for each level, since you cannot progress to the next level until certified at the previous level.

    All the best.

    Source(s): Former full-time SCUBA instructor (PADI # 609394). I checked www.simplyscuba.co.uk (UK online diveshop) for details and prices.
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    Whoever is conducting your training will provide you will all course materials. You'll receive a C card for each level you complete.

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