Is it Okay to wear a Maxi Dress to a Wedding?

Hey im 16 ive been in hospital for a little while so i look pale but since im a little better i look pale but not sickly so what can i do with my hair to make me look a little better. Here is my biggest problem I have a big scar on my leg its at the front just where my ankle starts and i don't want to have to wear tights because i get too hot in them and they would have to be black so im wondering is it okay to wear a maxi dress to the wedding? I have a really nice grey one that had a few beads around the bust. its not flashy and i think i look nice in it. The bride (my cousin) wants the girls in nice dresses but didn't specify. So will my dress be okay?

This is my Dress :

any help would be appreciated

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  • 9 years ago
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    that dress is lovely - i would just add a little cardigan depending on the time of the wedding and the season (if its pretty soon,then mornings and evenings are still a little cool).im sure the bride will understand about your scar and your obvious reluctance to have it on show.try bio-oil to treat the appearance of it - using a daily moisturiser will keep it supple as well

    as for your hair,make sure it is trimmed - dead,dry and split ends can lead to difficult styling.colouring your hair can make it look thicker and healthier (no more than 2 shades lighter/darker from your natural colour,although a lot of women tend to try to get as close to their natural hair colour as possible).if you don't want to go permanent,semi-permanent is just as good.use a thickening or volume shampoo and conditioner.use volume styling products too

    the easiest hair style if you have long hair will be the bun:

    although as you are young,you could possibly look at a french plait as well:

    or the side ponytail:

    keep make up natural - just a bit of a base,concealer (light reflecting for under the eyes),tinted foundation/mineral powder foundation,powder,a light eyeshadow and some mascara (try brown black,grey or navy,much softer than black) with a bit of eyeliner and a lip gloss (close to your natural lip shade).make sure that your eyebrows are neat and tidy by having them shaped (waxed or threaded)

    hope you have a lovely time at the wedding,and im glad to hear that you're better after your hospital stay x

  • Susan
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    4 years ago

    the only ones I've ever seen were just cotton and that fabric is too casual for a wedding. most of the time you only see maxi dresses on celebrities with huge sunglasses and flip flops, that's no good. you can wear a floor length gown if you want but you don't want to look like you're trying to be in the wedding party. it doesn't hurt to ask the bride or groom beforehand, or their parents, what color the bridesmaids are wearing so you can avoid buying that.

  • 9 years ago

    Really love the dress!!

    With your hair i would start using a moisturising conditioning mask or get some hot oils asap. No matter what style hairdo you go with, shiny is the most important factor, try serum or shine spray.

    The body shop do a really good selection of lightening powders that have a hint of tan and colour in them.


  • 9 years ago

    It looks like a lovely dress and very suitable. I would carry a pretty wrap as well, sometimes strappy dresses can be a bit too revealing if its in a church, or for daytime but if its a civil ceremony no problem. It should carry on nicely to any evening event as well.

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  • Anonymous
    9 years ago

    That dress is stunning! I'm so jealous!

    for wedding hair inspiration, you could look on youtube, there are some really easy styles for every hair type and it's all step by step.. and do the exact same for make-up.. I use youtube EVERY occasion for hair and make-up and it keeps you look fresh as there are so many different EASY hairstyles and tips.

  • I really like this dress and it looks a lot more dressy than I would assume it would when you mentioned that it was a maxi dress. If you don't want it to be too revealing, wear a pashmina scarf or cardigan over it. I like it!

    Source(s): Bride to be. I almost wore a maxi dress to an afternoon wedding last summer. I changed my mind and wore a floral print knee length dress instead because we were going through a horrible heat wave.
  • 9 years ago

    poof up your hair, give it volume (use volumising shampoo, then wrap your hair up after you've washed it for 10 min. then scrunch it with your hands and let it air-dry ;] )

    maybe use a little blush/lip balm so you'll look healthier.

    As for the dress, it's lovely!! as long as the wedding isn't super-duper-formal ;) you may want to ask your cousin what the dress code is?? usually there's one on the invite..

    but yes i love this dress and it seems really suitable for a wedding!

    :) enjoy

  • 9 years ago

    Yes, the dress is fine. It's very pretty and the embellishment dresses it up so that it's wedding-appropriate.

  • liz
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    9 years ago

    Its absolutely beautiful, in fact I am heading off to Matalan as soon as possible to see if I can get one too lol.

    You will look lovely, and congrats on getting out of hosp in time for the wedding, hope your leg does not hurt you too much.

    Best of luck.

  • 9 years ago

    Technically, long dresses should not be worn to a wedding unless it is in the evening. However, this gets ignored a lot. :)

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