How to fake being a virgin for the first time?

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I am an 18 year old virgin turning 19 and all my life ive never really worried about girls untill now. ive made out with a girl and shes touched my penis but nothing happened because more
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  • EZZ answered 3 years ago
Get her drunk before doing it.

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haha your crazy lol
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  • K.D. Sand answered 3 years ago
    Dang girls like virgins. Besides instinct kicks in if you just go with it!
    Please don't just settle though you don't want to look back and think eek or ugg.
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  • Vamp answered 3 years ago
    To be honest, I think you are jumping the gun a bit here. You haven't even called the girl yet. I think you should call her, and then see how things develop. You might not get to the stage of sex. If you do, then go with the flow. These things come pretty naturally, after all.

    You will be better off telling the truth, no matter whet the outcome is. The point is that if you lie, and it is obvious, then you have got yourself into bed under false pretences. And that is a pretty nasty way to behave.

    Oh, and your buddy is fooling himself.
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  • athousandstars answered 3 years ago
    I'd way prefer a virgin! I'm an 18 yr old girl and i worry that guys have had many sexual partners by this age. Im a virgin also so i'd want to share that experience with someone who is also a virgin especially if its a guy. If its a girl then i wouldnt mind so much because girls are more understanding.
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