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my hamster the stommy big?

how can i know my baby hamster have baby or not,because her stommy little red colour things and this few days easy angry or bite me !!please help me !!!

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    Hamster pregnancies only last about 2 weeks, and you won't notice anything for the first week. She will put a little weight on, start building a big nest and become quite guarding of her cage. Clean her out a day or two before she gives birth but don't change her bedding at this point. When she gives birth you must leave her alone in a quiet stress free spot. Don't clean her out for 2-3 weeks - let her get on with caring for the babies otherwise she may eat them. At about 4-5 weeks, you need to split the babies into the different sexes and put them into cages for females and males. By 6-8 weeks they will start fighting and can kill each other so at this point they will need separate cages. Hope that helps. Wheatgerm with water is a good food to put in a bowl when she's given birth and the babies can eat this also from a couple of weeks. Good luck !!!

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