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Hiccup (Jay Baruchel) is a young viking-in-training. Pressured by his father Stoick the Great (Gerard Butler), Hiccup is supposed to learn how to slay dragons like all vikings do. Hiccup has been led to believe that all dragons are evil and must be killed before the dragons kill them. Believing what he's been hearing, Hiccup makes a special weapon of his own to bring down one of the feared dragons. Hiccup manages to bring down a night fury; the most feared dragon of all , But instead of being excited for his deed, Hiccup feels bad for the injured dragon. Soon, the two have become close friends, and Hiccup has named him Toothless. In no time, Hiccup has fashioned a saddle and is soaring high in the sky on Toothless' back . But, Hiccup still has his father to deal with. Stoick, thrilled at Hiccup's bringing down the dragon, has insisted that he begin formal dragon training. During the course of his training, Hiccup begins to learn that the dragons aren't really evil at all; they are just like the vikings, hoping to survive. However, convincing his father will be another matter .Hiccup and Toothless soon discover that the dragons are merely pawns in a larger game controlled by a huge, menacing creature. Will Hiccup, Astrid, and the others be able to save the dragons, or will the creature destroy both the dragons and the vikings?

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    這應該是美國動畫How to train your dragon的簡介:

    小嗝Hiccup (Jay Baruchel配音)是正在受訓的維京少年,在他老爸 Stoick the Great (Gerard Butler配音)的堅持下, 小嗝必需和其他維京人一樣學習如何屠殺龍,小嗝的訓練導致他誤認龍是邪惡的,維京人如果不先殺死龍,那麼龍就會毀滅維京人,小嗝相信族人告訴他的話,他製造了特殊的武器並打敗了最惡名昭彰的一隻龍, 小嗝對自己的戰績並不興奮,反而同情起被他殺傷的龍,很快的,小嗝和龍變成好朋友,他給龍取名為「無牙」,過了不久,小嗝做了一個馬鞍,騎在無牙的背上飛上青天, 然而,小嗝還是得先過他父親那一關,他父親對小嗝打敗龍的成就十分得意,堅持要小嗝立即接受正式的屠龍訓練,在受訓中,小嗝發現龍一點也不邪惡,他們和維京人一樣,只是要爭扎求生,不過,要說服他父親接受這論點很困難,小嗝和無牙很快發現,龍不過是受控於幕後一個巨大的邪惡生物的馬前卒 . 到底後來小嗝等人能夠拯救龍族嗎?還是龍族和維京人都被那個邪惡的生物會摧毀呢?

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    Hiccup (Jay Baruchel) 是年輕維京實習。迫于壓力的 Stoick (熱拉爾 · 巴特勒) 偉大的父親,Hiccup 應該學習如何殺龍所有維京人一樣。Hiccup導致相信所有的龍是邪惡的與龍殺了他們之前,必須被殺。Hiccup相信他已經聽到,使他自己帶來了一個令人恐懼的龍的特殊武器。Hiccup設法降低夜之憤怒 ;最可怕的龍,但是正在為他的行為感到興奮,Hiccup感覺糟糕的受傷的龍。不久,這兩個已經成為親密的朋友,和Hiccup命名他為 Toothless。在任何時間,Hiccup具有永恆不變的馬鞍和飛翔在天空中 Toothless 的背上。但是,Hiccup仍有對付他的父親。Stoick,非常高興能夠降低龍Hiccup的堅稱他開始正式龍培訓。在他的訓練的過程,Hiccup開始學龍是真正的邪惡根本 ;它們就像維京人,希望能夠生存。然而,令人信服的父親將是另一回事。Hiccup與 Toothless 很快就發現龍都只是在較大的遊戲,由一個巨大的、 威脅性的生物控制的棋子。將Hiccup 、 阿斯特麗德,和其他人將無法保存龍,或將其生物破壞龍和北歐海盜嗎?

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