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Easy way to get rid of evidence?

Ok, i've still been working on this movie idea and just want ALL the facts to be correct...if a body is shot with a bullet, disintegrated with muriatic acid, had the remains placed in a wooden box big enough for a human to lie in, covered with cement, had the dirt placed back on top in its original position..would there be ANY evidence left for police IF and ONLY IF they happen to search whatever remote area you chose to bury the "body"? the murderer would of course wear gloves and a hat, to leave no traces of fingerprints or hair, dispose of the gun by melting it, where different shoes than normal and then dispose of them..probably by melting them as well, and had no witnesses to see the victim being taken to his/her grave, and most likely had certain objects placed in another part of town FAR AWAY to lead police on the wrong track. im thinking the story is gonna have a lil twist because the only thing the police will have on the murderer is he has a motive..but he will have an alibi, he was at the mall(or somewhere else) all day hanging with people, so they can back him up, and has proof on a it possible that this man be held in court and prosecuted???? please answer soooonnn, wanna finish this frickin thing. THANKS :)


i have also thought about these too, i just accidentally left them for the blood stains, they can be cleaned off with bleach or a substitute(any suggestions) but the downfall to that is, police dogs can sniff out a drop of blood stain, even microscopic, that is 2 weeks old..but i have considered the fact that the victim already be inside the hole before the shooting takes place..and as for the acid, any suggestions where to get a strong acid that can be used for something as this? keep in mind that the character is NOT apart of any educational programs such as a he does not have any special privileges to acquire such materials

Update 2:

and as for the cell neither the victim nor the criminal has either of their cell phones. as i noted before, the "certain objects"(cell phone) is going to be placed in an area FAR away..maybe an hour or give police a different lead

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    I see many possible leads that could incriminate the gunman. First off you have not accounted for blood spatter from the initial gunshot. It can get in the smallest of nooks and crannies. Second. Muriatic acid will not desolve a body. Third did he carry a cell phone with him? The towers could place him at the scene even if he had an alibi. There is no such think as the perfect crime. There is always evidence.

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    Don't leave any evidence of a burial. If the body is disintigrated from the acid, just spill it in a river, or in many different places

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    the police will now know it was him because he asked this question on the internet

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