Out of 'Il Trovatore', Capriccio (R. Strauss) & Le comte Ory which is the better?

Music-wise, plot-wise, being an introduction to opera-wise, not necessarily being an introduction to opera-wise, and music/plot-wise?

Wikipedia describes Capriccio as a 'conversation piece for music', and lastly what the hell is a conversation piece?

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    10 years ago
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    Why, are you thinking of seeing an opera at the Met soon? I can definitely recommend Il Trovatore and Capriccio, since I saw the current production of Il Trovatore last year and Capriccio just last week.

    These are all very different operas - Il Trovatore is a powerful, tragic Verdi work; Le comte Ory is a lighthearted, comic belcanto piece; and Capriccio was written nearly a hundred years after both, and although it is also comic and witty, it is very much an opera about opera, exploring the question of whether words or music are more important in art. If you're new to opera, you should probably see an Italian classic like Il Trovatore or Le comte Ory before you go to see Capriccio, which actually satirizes Italian opera in several scenes. Between Il Trovatore and Le comte Ory, it depends on your mood. Would you rather see a tragic opera, full of battles, heroes, doomed love, etc., or a light farce about a bumbling count who tries to win love by putting on various disguises? The music in both is delightful.

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