Need some nice hotels is California but not too spendy?

I will be traveling from Portland Oregon to Palm Springs CA. It's about 17hours and I only want

to drive about 11 or 12 hours the 1st day. So I am looking for a clean hotel in a NICE area. I don't

want to spend a lot of money just average since I won't be staying long. Any suggestions?


I didn't know I picked LA but I am not trying to go there. Palm Springs is where I am trying to go.

Want a hotel 3/4 through my trip.

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    OK, here's the deal: 11 or 12 hours on day one puts you right in the middle of the San Joaquin Valley. The only thing there is a bunch of cheap hotels for people who couldn't make it in one shot to LA or San Francisco. I-5 is pretty desolate, with long stretches of road with nothing to look at but crops, an occasional series of gas stations and rest stops, and cattle. Nothing really dangerous about these areas, it's just that there's nothing particularly nice about them.

    I think the best option is to drive to Coalinga, and stay by the Harris Ranch. You can get a nice steak dinner, and you can stay at the Harris Ranch Inn. I think that there are a couple of other smallish hotels in the area, including a Motel 6 and Best Western. Go to and look up Coalinga, or just use Google maps.

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    Do you know you are asking you question in the section for Los Angeles?

    Driving 11-12 hours from Portland will get you nowhere near LA.

    EDIT: Obviousman has an excellent idea as usual.

    If you make it to Coalinga, Harris Ranch is the best place around and that is not saying much, but it is a nice place. Yes there are Motel 6 and Best Western close by, but you will be eating a Denney’s.

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