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Do you have to sit in some cubicle all day? I'm going into the IT field but I had some questions. I don't want a boring office job.

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    I am a IT student. There are thousands of Fields in IT. You can go in any of them. You don't have to sit in front of the computer whole day to do the job.

    Electrical Engineering

    Information security

    Computer/IT analyst

    Network administration

    Management consulting

    Database administration

    Computer forensics

    IT sales

    Software development

    IT advocacy and marketing

    Cloud Computing

    Biological Computing


    Robotics & Artificial Intelligence

    Just check out these courses IT field offers:

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    10 years ago

    Information Technology is a broad field. It depends on what part of IT you decide to work as to how office life will be for you. For a business analyst, it's possible you'll be going to meeting rooms, have teleconferences, and basically work in an office enviornment. You may be rather mobile so you can see how the business operates in order to figure out the requirements of a system you may be designing. On the other hand, it's just as possible you can gather this information via conversations on the phone and do the job that way.

    If you're a programmer or a tester, you'll be doing it from a cubicle or home office. It is a fairly seditary job. It requires a lot of technical skills, with much architecture of "code". It is not boring. But, if you want to have physical movement in your job, it's not for you.

    And... then there are computer rooms and desktop support jobs. These jobs can be some of the most physically mobile. And, they can involve big office moves during corporate mergers, reorganizations, and massive redeployment of equiment (to keep up with technology upgrades). The job could involve talking to lots of internal customers.

    Boring jobs are mundane. A truck driver could have a boring job if they don't find any thrill in driving around the country. For IT, the job would be boring if it did not inspire you. I can't say that I know people in IT that are bored. But, that's probably because if they are bored, they aren't doing their job. Instead, they are probably watching the second hand on an analog clock go round-and-round. If that's you.... if you have a tendency to watch the clock... then run from all desk jobs.

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    IT field is so broad that it is almost impossible to answer your question correctly.

    If you want to become a software developer (a fancy name for programmers) then you should prepare to spend most of your life in front of your monitor. However, whether it is 'a boring office job' or not will depend on a company. If you work for a large corporation such as Microsoft or Oracle, yes, it will likely be a boring office job at first. However, it you join some cool game development studio, the atmosphere will probably be more relaxed.

    Yet, the IT industry is not only programming. For example, you could become a member of Geek Squad and fix people's computers or become an engineer at Intel and design a new processor!

    This field is so large that possibilities are endless!

    You don't want a boring office job - don't go for one!

  • 10 years ago

    "I'm going into the IT field but I had some questions. I don't want a boring office job."

    Since you don't know what it's like, how did you make the decision?

    If you become a low level programmer, yea you'll be in a cubicle most of your time. Unless you do support, then you'll be getting tossed around by everyone in the company.

    Or, you can have flexible hours, work at home. Work in coffee shops. Travel. Who knows?

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    Nothing of that sort.

    Its all in your hands how u keep your job place lively.

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