Harley XLCR sportster starter relay?

There are three posts...one small and two large.The small post which goes to the ign switch (marked S) seems to be grounded when I put a meter to it....should it be grounded??

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I mentioned a meter but I am also using a test light...in which case I have confirmed that the "S" terminal is grounded....seems it should not be grounded.I questioned this grounding because having some related starter issues.

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  • 9 years ago
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    The two large posts are the solenoid (relay) contacts.

    One of these goes to the battery positive, the other to the starter.

    The small terminal is one end of the coil.

    The other end of the coil is grounded.

    With an intact coil being a long piece of wire, a test lamp will light.

    A meter set to read continuity will beep, but may show a reading.

    A meter set on a low enough range will read the coil resistance.

  • 9 years ago

    I am pretty sure that is a normal "car" style bendix starter. In which case, I am not sure what would happen with an ohmmeter touched to it. What it is, is that you should only be checking for voltage. Voltage (battery voltage, 12 volts or so, maybe down to 10 when cranking) should be there only with the starter engaged, otherwise it should be zero volts. The S probably stands to starter or solenoid, it is just the power needed to pull in the solenoid, the solenoid pushes out the bendix drive and also sends power to the starter motor itself.

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    3 years ago

    Did you examine the starter button with a meter to work out if the change is working? placed a meters leads on the two wires coming from the change With the meter set to ohms. once you press the button the meter ought to teach continuity. If it would not the two the change is undesirable or the wiring from the change to the starter.

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