why did my account disabled?

why did my account disabled?

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    More information, please?

    What kind of account are you talking about, for starters?

    IF it was a Yahoo! Answers account, it was probably because you received too many violations and was suspended. And I'm sorry to say, but you're probably NOT going to get it back. Just suck it up, create a new one and start from square one again. Unfortunately, that is the way things work around here, because that is what the Yamster in His perfect, unquestionable wisdom has decided. <Warning: might contain traces of sarcasm.>

    ..If it is some other account, I cannot really help you, because I have no good way of guessing what exactly it might be. But you could always try to contact someone who might be able to help, like the people who created the website, forum administrators, etc... Or at least try to ask in a different section. I DO understand why it ended up here, seeing as you used the word "disabled" TWICE in your question, but never the less, it is probably better off elsewhere, don't you think? :-P

    PS: you might also benefit from a crash course in basic English grammar. It is supposed to be "why did my account get disabled?" or "why was my account disabled?" Otherwise your sentence does not make any sort of sense.

  • 10 years ago

    lets see why did my account disabled or why did my account disabled oh they are the same thing but neither make sense- What account? This section is for people with disabilities. If it is this facebook account well you are working on it so this cannot be disabled. I guess I have no answer so I do not know why your account is disabled sorry.

  • Anonymous
    10 years ago

    You put your question in the wrong category. If you add more detail and post it again in the right category you will get helpful answers. You need to think about something you could have done to get your account disabled. Did you follow the guide lines? Maybe someone reported you.

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