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If you played Heavy Rain.?

Which actors/actress should play the characters?

My pick.

1. Ethan Mars - Brad Pitt, or Pascal Langdale (he's actually an actor)

2. Madison Paige - Probably Keira Knightley, Natalie Portman or an unknown

3. Norman Jayden - Leonard Dicaprio, or Leon Ockenden

4. Scott Shelby - Sam Douglas FTW

5. Carter Blake - Maybe David zayas from Dexter (He would need to lose weight though and do something to his hair)

6. Ann Shepard - Rosemary Harris

7. Jason and Shaun Mars - Both Unknowns

8. Mr. Kramer - John Terry (jacks father from lost)

9. Lauren - Maybe Carrie ann moss or an unknown

What are your choices?

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    1. Ethan Mars - Sean Penn.

    2. Madison Paige - Keira Knightley.

    3. Norman Jayden - Mark Ruffalo.

    4. Scott Shelby - John Goodman.

    5. Carter Blake - Steve Buscemi.

    6. Ann Shepard - any old actress can act.

    7. Jason and Shaun Mars - any little kid who can act.

    8. Mr. Kramer - any old actor can act.

    9. Lauren - Virginia Madsen.

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