Hi fellow seniors, have you ever donated blood?

I used to when I was a member of the armed forces (many years ago) and over the years it has shamefully gone completely out of my mind until just recently when we had some fliers around the door saying that the transfusion service was in the area and that they badly needed more donors.

So yes hubby and I will turn out and see if we can do our bit.

I wonder also if you carry a donor card, something else I have been remiss in finding more about ?

Would you be happy to donate blood, body parts etc. or do you have any ethical reasons as to why not? I would be interested in hearing your opinions, thank you.

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    9 years ago
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    Oh dear. I would love to donate blood, especially as in 1986 I was in a car accident and required a large transfusion. Unfortunately the blood I received at that time was also tainted, and I have been living with chronic Hepatitis C for the past couple decades. Thankfully they now have screening processes to eliminate this risk and yes once again I cannot stress enough the importance of donating. It will save lives as I can personally attest to. Thank you blood donors, and God Bless!

  • 9 years ago

    I'm not a senior, I'm only 20! But I do donate blood. Here in the UK we can donate once every 4 months. I've been donating every 4 months since I was 17. It really takes no time at all and isn't painful. I'm also on the bone marrow donation list. Unfortunately I've never been matched to anyone. It's unlikely I ever will be...but I still keep my fingers crossed. If you can donate blood then you should. In the UK only 4% of people who can give blood actually do. Think of all the lives that could be saved if everybody who could, did!

  • 9 years ago

    I was raised as a JW and deep down in side feel don't feel 100% comfortable giving blood.

    I have given in the past for a family friend who had cancer. I gave 3 or 4 times for him and also once for my son when he needed surgery on his arm.

    I have RH O negative blood and know it is a rare type and needed.

    I would give blood anytime to a friend or in an emergency but don't make a habit of giving.

    I am a bit skinny and it wears me out when I give blood.

    My husband also doesn't allow me to give because he says if I get ill with no health insurance, the insurance co. will charge me a fortune if I ever need to buy back my own blood.

    He is a bit negative that way and there is no arguing with him.

    My sister and son both were given donor bone is their surgeries but neither of us were informed of it until the bone grafts were done. I think the doctors should inform people ahead of time .

    My son went through the process of having his hip bone scrapped to pack into his arm but still was given donor bone.Seemed like at age 12 he suffered with the bone scrapping more then the bone grafting in his arm.

    I have often asked my husband if I could give everytime I hear about a tragic world event such as the one in Japan. He refuses to let me give and unfortunalty he is very bossy at times.

  • 9 years ago

    Age limit to donate blood is 75. At age 76 and above, a person must bring a note from their personal doctor saying they are in good health. I've arranged to donate my body when I die, making the arrangement was very easy, absolutely no charges, I carry the donor card.

    I'm in the US, this web site in New Jersey lists the requirements for donating blood, it may interest

    someone http://www.communitybloodservices.org/db_faq.php

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  • 5 years ago

    I've given blood probably 7 times and the last time almost went into a coma so they said to me to not give blood anymore. I'm thinking that I don't make blood as quickly as I think. These days though the doc wants a sample twice a year and I refuse. I know now (and it was recently on tv as well) that not everyone can bounce back quickly after giving blood, cannot always bounce back after 6 months.

  • 9 years ago

    I donate and I have a donor card for when I am in England. They are re welcome to anything of mine when I have gone.

    Here where I live in the Middle East, they aren't interested. There are supposedly kidney donor cards but they are only given out by the main hospital and you have to send about three days going from office to office to get one and then your family, no matter how remotely related ,can cancel it when you die! So, I don't see any point in trying.

    I tell my kids they will know when I have had news of the final l call, because I will be straight on a plane to England in order to donate!

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    9 years ago

    I have donated blood for years. Now, working in a place that has many military (Navy and Marines) from time to time there are blood drives, and the blood goes SPECIFICALLY to our troops in Iraq/Afghanistan. I filled out the LONG questionnaire and one of the sections listed several countries and said to check any I had been to. Well, in 1979 (almost 32 years ago), I spent 6 weeks in Mombasa, Kenya. Seems I am ineligible to give my blood (0+) to our troops. I called Red Cross and told them what happened and was told that the Red Cross will happily take my blood. There's a place in town that BUYS platelets and will buy mine!

    If I'm not good enough to give blood to the military, they can come get the carts out of my warehouse and load them themselves. I helped them out before I found out my blood isn't good enough.\

    I AM an organ donor.

    (USN retired 1965-85, in-country Viet Nam vet)

  • 9 years ago

    I donated blood from the time I was 17 and first allowed to do it with parent's permission, until I was 37 years old and first diagnosed with Lupus.

    The blood bank doesn't want my blood anymore. It could cause a problem to the recipient, in that my immune cells are "extremely active" and they fear could end up attacking the host body. Same reason why I can not donate body parts.

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    9 years ago

    When you've seen the conditions that affect those that need blood, bone marrow and organs, it really puts things in perspective! If you can do it, I think everyone should do it. We have a lack of blood donors and it's only getting worse. Bone marrow and organs is pretty dire as well. If your from an ethnic background then it's even worse. End of the day helping others is what were here to do.

    Source(s): Works for the blood service
  • 9 years ago

    I do not while I'm alive donate blood or any other body parts, but I am donating my entire body when I die. I just had to let DMV that as it is on my driver's license I am a donor. When you go to the Dept of Motor Vehicles they will ask you or you may tell them.

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