Crazy hip hop song I can't remember.?

I know this is a long shot but since no one I know seems to know and no search engine gives me any results I guess I'll try here. Don't really know any of the lyrics just a small part of it that its basically what makes the song pop so hope I get the name from one of you. The only part I remember is this; ooooWHOAooooo...ooooWHOAoooo, swing...shigitty bobitty<-----this continues but don't remember what its said, mostly gibberish. Its hip hop or rap( American) and the person singing sounds Jamaican and he only sings the chorus( I think), its maybe from 2004 or older, definitely not new.

Please Help, this damn song's been in my head all month long, sorry for the vague description but that's all I have, hope you guys can help.

Thanks in advance.


Sorry its not Shyne well at least not that song, I don't know about Shaggy but I'll look, hope I get more of you to help.

Update 2:

Thanks a lot, that was the song I was looking for, I appreciate you coming back to answer and I'll give the best answer to the her as you requested...and Again thanks.

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    9 years ago
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    maybe its a song by shaggy? i don't know, i'm just guessing cos he usually sings choruses and he has a jamaican accent. i hope this helps a little

  • 9 years ago

    I cannot believe how much time I spent on this question. This is Rick Harry again. It IS Shyne. But I said the wrong song. The right song is "Bad Boyz." As soon as I submitted that I was like "sonofab***" I tried 10 times to edit it, but for some reason the changes never went up. I tried to email you, your email is blocked. I don't have IM so I couldn't IM you. I tried deleting my answer so I could just answer it again, but apparently when you delete your answer you can't answer it again. This morning I tried again, couldn't. So I'm using a different email which I will never use again, so don't bother with best answer for this. Give it to the girl who said Shaggy, good guess. Why did I spend so much time to answer this? I had a really good night with my girlfriend yesterday so was in a very good mood. Also, I recently found a song which I had been trying to find for 10 years! I know how frustrating that is. Definitely the song your looking for is Shyne - Bad Boyz

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