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Who is China's biggest movie star ever? Bruce Lee? Jackie Chan? Jet Li? Other?

We British people love Chinese movies. The Queen is a huge fan of Michelle Yeoh.

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    for chinese ppl.......always Bruce Lee No.1. he died young, like a legend. n b4 some negative news came up in his life such as........Jackie Chan's love life like a mess. mistress came up plus mistress gave birth of a daughter....etc. n jet Li, although his family's life is normal w/ a wife him + 2 daughters...... but he is not as famous as Bruce Lee at all.

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    Bruce Lee became the only actual great megastar in martial arts. He had an electric powered on-reveal presence, and became considered by the international martial arts community to be a real grasp and genius. even although, in a combat, Jet Li would be waiting to kick Bruce's ***. i think of Jet is fairly gifted and is a grasp of maximum of ambitious types. Jacky Chan is extremely agile, yet not a good number of a fighter. I would desire to offer Bruce the win by way of fact the best action picture megastar of the three.

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    Id say bruce lee

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    Welcome back PC.

    Jet Li definitely no.

    Lee is a legend, Jackie is up there as well. There are many others.

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    How would you measure "biggest"?

    Lee is the most famous around the world.

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    they are all biggest star.

    welcome back,returnee! i miss u.

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