How did you feel about the Lost series finale?

So i was just wondering how some of you people felt about the Lost series finale? Ya know how they were all in like purgatory or something? At first I thought it was really stupid, but I started watching through the serious again on Netflix, and as I watched it, it started to make more sense, and now I actually find it kind of interesting. How did you feel about it?

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    10 years ago
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    Everything from the first 5 seasons and the island part of six was all real They did NOT die in the crash.

    Those clips of the plane wreckage in the end credits were confirmed as added by ABC, not the writers, not part of the story.

    Jack's Dad said some died before Jack, some *long after* him. We don't see people like Claire or Sawyer die because they out-live Jack, having full lives but dying eventually like all people do.

    In the 12-minute DVD epilouge, caled "The New Man In Charge", set in 2010 it shows Ben and Hurley getting Walt out of the mental hospital and implyies he was always meant to be leader of the island after Hurley. It also hints that Walt can help his Dad not be a Whisperer forever and go to the Sideways realm. It answers pregancy problems, (which implies they were caused by the Incident, making Juliet responsible for why she first came to the island, and Sun could have stayed on the island after the Hatch created by the Incident was destroyed but their's no way Juliet could have known any of that). It also answers: Room 23, Dr. Chang using different names in the Station films, polar bear Orchid connection, food-drop and the Hurley Bird.

    The Sideways realm of no crash wasn't an alternate time-line at all it was them as spirits after they all died *eventually* reuniting after they worked out issues they never got over in life.

    Like Jack and Juliet's son wasn't real. It was so Jack could get over his father issues by being a good father and tell himself (represented by David what he wanted to here from Christian) Christian did love Jack but was working so hard he didn't notice how isolated Jack was until it was too late. Juliet was the mother because she never got to meet her nephew, saw all the women and unborn babies die, and the hints she was pregnant when she died with James' child. She finally got to experience motherhood in the Sideways. It's also a nod to Juliet/Jack not working as a couple.

    Aaron at the Chruch isn't real either since we know he lives until at least age 3 from Season 5. But for the group from the island to feel whole, and like Charlie knew Aaron, they made a newborn version to join them together.

    Sun and Jin only got to be parents together when during the pregnancy on the island, Jin never got to meet the daughter he named so they made the illusion that Sun pregnant in the Sideways.

    Ben stays out of the Church even though he realizes he's dead at the end as a way of apologizing for everything he did to the core group in Seasons 2-4 and some of 5 Also because he still has issues with people like Danielle, Alex, his father, probably DHARMA people like Dr. Chang, and maybe others like Charles/Eloise, and Ben is the reason the freighter people came to the island in the first place. Maybe Ana Lucia too. Even if he did become friends with Walt after Jack died, Michael still has issues with him and Walt wouldn't leave his father. It looks like Ben will start "waking them up" like Desmond did for the core group that did go to the Church.

    Those that could "let go" of their issues all were allowed to reunite at the Church. Once they had let go if their issues they remembered the island (and after for some) in the flashes. Kate and Claire have a look of deep friendship between them after illusion Aaron is born in the Sideways because of the years they spent together after the island. Kate tells Jack after the concert she's "missed him so much" because she lived to old age always remembering him. She thanks Charlie for dying for them, not the blankets.

    Penny was their because she is the most signifigant part of Desmond and would always be with him. And she probably became a big part of the smaller group after Jack died, using her money to get them safely back into society without being exposed and having to reveal all of the bad stuff about the island. And maybe helping Hurley it matters involving the outside world.

    I liked how it brought the characters together. Also check out the Official Lost Encyclopedia book.

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    10 years ago

    I felt exactly the same as I did about the season of "Dallas" that turned out to be a dream. But you may well be too young to remember that one.

    I didn't like it. At all. My reaction was, "I invested seven years in this TV show for THIS?"

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    10 years ago

    i didn't watch it i got irritated with the final season everything awesome about the series went down the drain.

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