Gakuen Alice Academy?

I was thinking of reading Gakuen Alice and wondered if it was any good? Please tell me there's a happy ending:) Oh! and wasnt there an anime too? Any details would be appreciated!

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  • 10 years ago
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    Gakuen Alice is amazing.

    And yes, there's a 26 episode anime, though I think the manga is better.

    I don't exactly find the anime ending happy but it's totally worth watching.

    And the manga is still ongoing, so there's no ending yet.

    Here's the description:

    Mikan Sakura is an orphan who lives in the country side of Japan. When her best friend, Hotaru, transfers away to a prestigious school in Tokyo, Mikan follows her. The school is actually an elite academy for the gifted people with “alices”, a special power. When Mikan arrives to the gates of the school, she encounters a teacher and gets enrolled due to a series of events. She is told that she has a unique, rare “alice”. There, she immediately meets Natsume, a moody boy who constantly gets abused by the school. They get along like fire and water, yet they are undeniably attracted to one another. She also gets the chance to meet other people; like Natsume’s caring best friend Ruka, or Iinchou, the class rep. Despite her initial view of the so-called greatness of the school, she slowly finds out that beneath the grand facade of the academy, there is a never-ending stream of lies and buried secrets. The school’s increasingly manipulative and sinister actions towards her make it a dangerous place to be. Little does she know, her enrollment in the school set the gears in motion to an even greater tragedy.

    Link to manga:

    Link to episode 1 of anime:

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