Name of PlayStation RPG Game?

I am seeking the name of a particular RPG (Role Playing Game) from the PlayStation 1 System. The game is kinda like Wild Arms, but I think there are 6 characters and the main character is a guy. You can upgrade your weapons by a smither and the main character can date all the other characters. I forgot what the dates do, but I want the name of the game so that I can play it again. Some of the characters close are somewhat revealing, but not too bad. Also, this game was in English not Japanese or any other language cause I got it used at Gamers back in like 2004 (not sure if US Gamers stores sell other language games).


I have found the answer to my own I was correct that it was kinda like Wild Arms cause the title is Thousand Arms.

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  • 9 years ago
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    I know how u feel when there's a old game but you don't know the name of it I Suggest finding any detail you remember about the game and type it into google and maybe it'll pick up something about it.. Like typing in a quest or a character name or anything related to the game I guess.

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  • 3 years ago

    It sounds lots like darkish cloud, however the boy isn't development an plane, do no longer remember what occurred yet he's rebuilding the full worldwide. darkish cloud is rpg, it sounds like anime, he gets some companions, and each and each man or woman has a particular expertise to get admission to specific places interior the interest (the super boy has a hammer, a cat like woman who can leap, a wizard, and the final i think of is a warrior with a particular team) On a 2d concept your husband's interest must be darkish cloud II? I only performed the 1st one.

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