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Is writing on your hand with pen going to kill/hurt you?

Someone in my class was jotting down a quick reminder on their hand and all of a sudden the class was in an argument about whether writing in ink is bad for you or not.

So I was just wondering. They say that writing on your skin with sharpies will eventually kill you with a liver infection. But I tried googling it and I see a lot of different answers. Some people say it's OK and other people say it isn't.

Can someone explain? Like REALLY explain, with a scientific explanation and all that.

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    NO ink eventually washes off your skin and they are non-toxic. Unless you put it on an open cut then it's not going to cause any life threatening infections. It would take a lot of pen ink to make you sick.

    You could get an infection if you try to tattoo your self with pen ink.

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    It depends on whether the ink is toxic or not. If the pen (or package it came in) says "non-toxic" then it's not going to kill you.

    If it says "toxic" then it CAN harm you. The only way you're going to get a "scientific" explanation is if you look up the specific ink.

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    Interesting question, but i think it wont because i personally have done in PLENTY of time and....well im still fact i have a reminder on my hand WITH sharpie right now... so no, thats just a stereotype.

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    Well I've been writing notes on my hands since I was in college and I'm not dead yet. You are actually writing on the dead layer of the skin, so it's not going to get in your blood stream.

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    no. ink is non-toxic.

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