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What to do if your mh team don't take your suicidal feeling seriously? thumbs up for all and top stars forbest?

Sorry it turned in to a bit of a rant. But do please read, i really need some one.

I mentioned once that i thought i might have munchausens syndrom which i no longer do (as concern and attention makes me feel uncomfortable, ive never made my self ill onpurpose apart from my three attempts at suicide), and "they've" not even given me a diagnosis of anything but low mood. ive had 3 overdoses in total the first one i was put in hospital for close to a month and although i didnt want to come out it did really help me. the others ive recived hardly any support after. I've tried calling them when im starting to fall of into the deep end and told them how suicidal i am, and they basically fob me off and tell me to distracted myself and that i'll be getting the psycothreapy soon, i try HARD to find something anything to do but the result is commiting suicide. Then the police find me and take me to a&e im admitted for the night then see a on call psych and a mental health nurse, ansewer all their questions, they then go of to another room and call the main psychiatrist and come back and send me home. Can i add again that i have no diagnosis as they say the label wont help,

Im going to fight the fight a little longer but what happens when i fail again. I really dont want to die but feel i have no option esspecially when their not properley willing to help me, but know one but my councelor and she has (no power) will listen to what i say and understands that im being completly honest.

This fobbing of is really insulting as ive gotton to 23 without any help what so ever and i feel ive done this through distraction and it has gotton me though bad patches before, but its now tired out and so am i.

The thing that really worries me now is the fact ive realized that overdosing is just to hard for me to die by as i cant get hold of the drugs in the right amount. So this leaves me with jumping of a cliff or jumping in front of a train which would both leave behind much trauma for my family and whoever witnesses.

"They" say i need to face up and being in hospital is counter-productive as its avoiding them and i would just come out feeling the same way. And that im responsiable for my own saftey.

Should i request a differant doctor? only i dont want to be looked at like a doctor shopper, seem ungrateful or judge how they do their job.

What would you do in my position? where should i go to when im feeling really suicdal if not my CPN, health visitor or psychitrist.

Please ask any questions you have.


I live in scotland, and am a life long user of samaritans and other helplines.

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    i do sympathise & sorry that your having some troubles at the moment

    you legally have every right to see another doctor as not every doctor has the same attitude - but this might help with taking an advocate (who support people with their health issues) with you. get him or her to speak up for you if your not up to it, make notes of things you wanna sort out and what you feel may help you - because you are the patient and doctor's are paid a wage to do their job. if you dont feel you're getting anywhere useful with the doctors then make an appointment with their patience manager (good idea to bring in an advocate with you too).

    when you are feeling suicidal please ring the out of hours numbers that they should have given you. i'm not sure what country/county you live in but if you google your local council/authority websites & look for the mental health areas in their pages where helpful numbers legally should be available to you. if your in england the samartans are good to talk to

    i wish you loadsa best wishes & hold on cos you deserve to be treated with medical care & lead a decent life

    look afteryourself :)

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