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what document is needed for visit to denmark to apply for visa?

visit visa to denmark from Nepal.

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    Requirements for a tourist/visitor visa application

    The following applies to each applicant:

     You must apply in person (including children).

     Cover note to the Embassy stating a reason to travel by the applicant.

     You must be staying legally in Nepal at the time of application.

     Visa fee NPR 5,800.00

    Required documents:

    1. Completed application form ..

    2. One recent passport (35x45mm) photograph

    3. Passport with two blank visa pages, valid for at least 3 months after your visit to Denmark.

    4. Photocopy of the applicant's passport (Including all visa and stamp pages, except blank pages).

    5. Evidence of occupation/student status (documents must not be older than 1 month)

    • Employment: Original signed letter from employer or recent payslip.

    • Self-employment: Original signed letter from a solicitor, accountant or Companies House confirming self-employment status.

    • Unemployment: Status of from the ward office confirming the family detail

    • Student: Original signed student letter from school, college or university confirming course details.

    6. Proof of purpose of visit (documents must not be older than 1 month)

    • Visit to family or friends:

    Original signed letter of invitation preferably in English stating duration of stay together with a copy of the passport (with signature page) and residence permit of the person who is inviting you. Also shall include Host Person’s Health Insurance Card (Sygeikringsbevis).

    If applicant is invited by his/her spouse or family member; documentation of family relationship (e.g. Marriage Certificate, Relationship Verification Certificate) shall be enclosed.

    Applicants should submit a copy of Standard Invitation Form filled up and signed by the host person/organization in Denmark (not by the Applicant).

    • Tourism:

    Confirmed hotel reservation for all planned stays in the Schengen area/confirmation of organized tour

    If you are planning several visits to other Schengen countries hotel bookings must be produced for ALL visits. Please note that Denmark, Iceland, Norway or Sweden MUST be the main destination (the country where you will be spending the most number of days).

    7. Travel insurance

    The insurance must cover emergency medical expenses, hospitalization and repatriation (minimum €30,000). Evidence of this cover is required, i.e. the relevant paragraphs from the full insurance policy document (not Key Facts or Summary).

    8. Evidence of sufficient funds for the visit

    • NPR 7,000.00 per person per day if you are staying in a hotel.

    • NPR 4,500.00 per person per day if you are staying in a hostel or similar.

    • NPR 2,500.00 per person per day if you are staying with family or friends (even when your host has confirmed that he/she will be covering your expenses)

    • plus funds for a return ticket to your country of residence.

    • Original RECENT Bank Statement - showing the month leading up to the date of application (if recent Bank Statement is not available online printouts or mini statement together with original Bank Statement showing name and account number will be accepted), OR

    • Recent Credit Card statement showing credit limit, OR

    • Traveller’s Cheques

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    DS-11 12-2010


    I just applied for my new passport.


    You should have said you were coming from Nepal. Don't post on an American site id your question has nothing to so with America. You (place explicative here).

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