Great restaurant in Austin, TX for senior prom!? :)?

Okay, so it's our senior prom and there's gonna be 20 of us in an Escalade Limo! But we can't seem to decide on a restaurant. So I could use y'all help! The type of restaurant we're wanting is one that's really nice, and with the dress being at least Upscale Casual. And it has to he beautiful so that we can take pictures when we're there. And even a place where we could show off the limo? And also that's peaceful and stuff. A lot of criteria, I know haha. But anyway, we want it to be the perfect night, so all USEFUL suggestions would be great:)! Thanks so much!

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    10 years ago
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    Imperia is really nice, if you like asian food.

    Jeffery's is extremely upscale and nice.

    Perry's Steakhouse and Grille is very nice too.

  • 4 years ago

    the following is a itemizing of a few of my favorite spots for genuine Mexican nutrition (some hollow-in-the-wall places, some more suitable classic eating places venues): El Azteca (East seventh) Casa Garcia (the William Cannon/Manchaca highway region) Curra's (Oltorf) Polvos (South 1st) l. a. Feria (South Lamar) Of the options suggested above, Casa Garcia, Curra's, and l. a. Feria should be in a position to quite accommodate a celebration of 15 or more suitable. Polvos is too small and receives way too crowded for a collection of that length. El Azteca may be in a position to homestead your team, notwithstanding that is a smaller, mom and pa institution. also, all of those concepts may be nicely below the budget you suggested. good success and satisfied ingesting!

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