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What are some good bands that have songs that allude to books/movies/people in history?

I have a weird interest for music where the lyrics allude to other works of literature or music or are even about someone in history.

As Gaslight Anthem's lyrics are sometimes about other things like Miles Davis, Casablanca, and I'm pretty sure the book Great Expectations. Gatsby's American Dream has a song Fable that is about Lord of the Flies. Also, I find cool when bands have names like "Finch", "Of Mice & Men", "Jonas Sees In Color" and "Atticus". I end up liking the music, whatever genre it is.

What do yal think about this...can you even relate to me?

Plus, you guys know any good bands that do this kind of crap?


haha ive heard the new radicals, and i love that song. im mad they're still not around

i love the decemberists and ill definitely check out that album, i haven't really searched too many of their songs, but for the ones I do have, I think are awesome.

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    Green Day has a song called "Who wrote Holden Caulfield?" based of the main character in the book The Catcher in the Rye. I think the reason they named the song after The Catcher in the Rye is because it is Billie Joe's favorite book. :)

    Here's the link. It was recorded in the early 90s so the quality isn't that good, but if you can ignore it, it's awesome:

    Youtube thumbnail

    Source(s): Green Day's number 1 fan right here ;)
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    Breeders: thankfully long previous, Do you like Me Now?, Happiness Is A heat Gun, Divine Hammer Soundgarden: Fell On Black Days, Spoonman L7: pretend we are lifeless Babes In Toyland: he's My ingredient REM: Nightswimming, Radio loose Europe, the only i like, it is the tip Of the international (and that i think positive), residing properly's the main suitable Revenge Sonic youngsters: Teenage revolt, Incinerate, Mote, Sugar Cane, The Empty web site, Schizophrenia Pixies: Gouge Away, toll street To Roswell, considerable, Head On Bob Dylan: Tombstone Blues, it is o.k. Ma (i'm merely Bleeding), Desolation Row, Subterranean Homesick Blues, caught interior cellular With The Memphis Blues returned

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    At The Drive-In has a song called "Invalid Letter Dept." that was based on the brutal rapes, beatings, and torture the young and poor women that worked in mills had to endure somewhere in Texas, and the feds not doing anything about it (i think).

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    You may enjoy The Decemberists, especially the album The Hazards of Love. It's basically a story from start to finish.

    you can read about it here:

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    there's a song from New radicals (an old band, I know) which mentions this black woman who was the first one who made it to fly, Amelia.. something i cannot remember her last name. the song is called someday we'll know.-new radicals

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