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Why was French Lingua Franca before English?

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    Ah, the world of language-related puns.

    The original lingua franca was mostly Italian, but with heavy use of some other languages.

    The French language was beginning to come into its own by the 13th century, becoming more widely spoken throughout Europe. It was considered sophisticated and associated with high society, and many people chose to learn it to obtain greater wealth and higher social status.

    By the middle of the 14th century, French became the most spoken language in Europe, already being used for diplomatic affairs between several countries.

    The Hundred Years’ War, which ended in 1453, had an effect on both French and English nationalism. Despite an effort by English officials to ban French, the language continued to thrive as the language of diplomacy throughout Europe.

    The Villers-Cotterêts Ordinance, passed in 1539, decreed that all French administrative documents must be in the French language. This ordinance made French an official language — a turning point for the country.

    As France became a world leader throughout the next few centuries, people throughout the world began to learn French. French was becoming a lingua franca — a language that goes beyond the boundaries of its community of speakers and becomes a language for communication between groups not sharing a common tongue.

    By the 17th century, French was known as the language of diplomacy and international relations throughout the world.

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    sure, it is Latin yet a lingua franca may well be any language this is satisfactorily used to make it a "uncomplicated distant places money" between people of many nationalities. English is the lingua franca of all worldwide pilots and air site visitors controllers. I even have worked on action picture contraptions in different worldwide places and located that the jargon substitute into Californian in spite of the community language. it somewhat is an occasion of a lingua franca.

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    Lingua Franca's are usually spread by the army. Followed by commerce.

    Greek became a dominant language because of the phalanxes.

    Latin became a dominant language because of the legions.

    French, because of their armies.

    And English because of their navy.

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