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Why dont they put REAL boxers in the UFC?

Imagine a prime Mike Tyson in the UFC...don't you think people would die?

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    Because MMA isn't boxing. How good was Mike Tyson's takedown defense? How good was his leg kick defense? How about his clinch fighting, including defense against knees, elbows, trips, and throws? How was his submission game? Check out this article; maybe you'll get some insight into how a "real" boxer would do in the UFC (since they've had three already, if you don't count guys like Marcus Davis, Chris Lytle, Stephan Bonnar, or other MMA fighters with boxing experience):

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    What about an international WBF Champion with 27 KOs in 37 fights? Is that a real boxer? Sounds pretty legit to me. What if he was fighting someone smaller than he was? What if he was fighting a guy who was a mediocre MMA fighter at best? Would people die?

    Already happened, waaaaay back in the single digit UFCs. Milton Bowen vs. Steve Jennum. Steve Jennum was a police officer and... ninja. No, really. He was a ninjutsu practicioner. Steve Jennum actually won UFC 3, but understand that by today's MMA standards, the guy was a joke. ANY pro MMA fighter in Jennum's weight class would easily hand the guy his butt today.

    And the boxer still lost.

    And let's not forget James "Lights Out" Toney, who was humiliated by Randy Couture so recently.

    Mike Tyson in the UFC. Yeah, if he fought enough and was in his prime he would ocassionally connect with one of his monster hooks or upper cuts and in 4oz gloves his opponent would be twitching on the mat. That would create some excitement. But would it really be THAT much harder than say one of Tank Abbot's wild shots (which dropped 400 lb guys) or one of Cro Cop's left kicks back when that guy was in his prime? It wouldn't take long before his opponents realized "wow, that guy hits really hard" and just started taking him down all the time. Then he would lose on the ground.

    But what if Tyson learned a take down defense and some ground fighting moves to deal with that? What then?

    That would certainly make him more dangerous. Because now he'd be an MMA fighter instead of a boxer.

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    Because right now Elite boxers make a lot more money than Elite MMA fighters. It's not a matter of 'putting' someone in the UFC, the person will have to want to go to the UFC. To use your example why would Mike Tyson in his prime (making 10-20 million per fight) fight in the UFC for $50-75,000 per fight).

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    because real boxers just want to box. they would be crazy if they wouldnt do what they can do best. the best athletes of a sport of course wont change the sport.

    but a prime mike tyson - with his unbelievable hand speed and huge power and precision, and because of his small height and big strength he would not easy to be taken down also- would very likely destroy anyone in the UFC today. he definitely would give the people to see the most devastating knockouts in mma history fighting with that thin gloves.

    excs my english, im german

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    while you're asking why would a MMA fighter not step into the boxing ring and placed boxing gloves on for a combat decrease than those rules i think of it comes all the way down to money. some extraordinary MMA combatants are prepared to do this rather in case you supply them quite a few million like a number of those professional boxers get. the issue is that the guidelines and adventure at that form of battling favors the boxer so why would desire to a MMA fighter threat any loss of incomes means, endorsements, admire, and credibility if he became to lose badly which some would. on an identical time i don't see any of those boxers who've made vast money entering into the octagon to instruct their skills. AlI they do is communicate approximately it to get exposure and air time. additionally why would desire to they whilst they are in a position to get a first rate examine appearing in attempt against-mania doing some thing it is faux and scripted. placed quite a few million on the line and notice how speedy somebody like Chuck Lidell, Randy Couture or another fighter of observe jumps on a boxing tournament.

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    Mike Tyson would die first... from a ground and pound attack. They did put Boxers in the MMA ring before, for the most part, they lost.

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    Because the UFC is not Boxing lol its a sport that is won on the ground not Fighting upright

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    Because boxers make more money than UFC fighters.

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    well one good reason is people in the ufc make less money than boxers so it is less often that someone with a promising career will change over

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    No, the boxers would lose bad every time.

    If you put UFC fighters into the boxing ring at boxing rules they would lose every time too.

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