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Do I sound like an aspie or someone with high functioning autism?

- Whenever I learn new things, many times I learn it from mimicry. I *can* learn through listening or doing things hands-on, but it seems like mimicry is my strong point.

I remember P.E. class back in elementary school, and sometimes we would have to do odd races, like running with a baton 50 yrds away, giving it to someone else, and then running back.

Whenever I was the first one in line to do strange races or exercises like this, I would try to sneak to the back of the line, or at least sneak behind a few people in the back of me, so that they would be first and not me, and so that I would watch them and mimic what they do in order to learn how to do the race. (BASICALLY it's always been things like this in which I had to mimic to learn)

- Occasionally when I'm talking a lot or forming a paragraph, I notice that I might use the same word over an over again. Just words like cunjunctions, adjectives, etc. If I can't find another word for something, I'll have to use that same word. (it may sound correct but sometimes awkward)

-Always had an extreme form of social anxiety as a kid, people knew me as the kid who was extremely quiet and sat in the back of the class. Very few times, there would be a comment here and there about "He's going to shoot up the school one day!!" or something.. I don't know why, as I've never been mean to anyone, and I thought I was on good-terms with most of my classmates.

I would always have just about 1 or 2 friends. (and normally my only friends were my "best" friends, I don't really consider associates 'friends')

-I've never really had an "obcession" with something per se, but when I was studying Japanese, my cousin's girlfriend(who is Japanese) came to our town, and she was really confused at how the only things I knew how to say were Japanese greetings, except that my accent is 100% perfect like a Japanese native. She thought it was the strangest thing in the world. so what is this an 'obcession' of mine for concentrating on the accent of the language rather than the grammar/kanji? If it was it's something I've never noticed.

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  • 10 years ago
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    The only clinical difference between Aspergers Syndrome (Aspie) and High Functioning Autism is that HFA has an initial communications delay. If this has disappeared with age or speech therapy, then the words are interchangeable. In fact, the "aspie" classification will disappear entirely soon.

    I therefore can't pick you as being more like one or the other.

    As far as whether you're either is concerned, you haven't provided nearly enough information to be diagnosed, not that anyone will do it over the web anyway. Your best bet is to do the RDOS online test and see what it suggests, it's surprisingly accurate.


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