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Dale Earnhardt Junior Confusion?

Confusion point #1. If Teresa Earnhardt was responsible for all of his troubles prior to the 2008 season, then why only 1 win since coming to HMS?

Confusion point #2. If driving in the Busch series is considered "minor-leagues," and drivers who win races there are considered amateurs, and those championships not worth squat. Then why do those same fans who ridicule other drivers for winning in Busch/Nationwide consider Jr's 2 Busch series championships as GREAT accomplishments?

Confusion point #3. Why is it that when Dale Jr is running for a top 10 finish is it considered a better accomplishment than those who are going for the win?

These are just some of the confusions I have since becoming a NASCAR fan this season.

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    1: junior didn't say Tesesa was the root of all of his problems, he only said (in a round about way) that she was running his father's race team into the ground with her incompetent management. and he was right. Chip Ganassi ended up having to buy off what was left of DEI less than 2 years after junior left.

    #2: which junior fans say his 2 busch championships are a GREAT accomplishment? name an instance? i've been on this forum since the summer of 06 and i've never heard anyone say that. i will say though that the difference between juniors minor league championships and what kyle busch is doing now is that junior won his while he was actually IN the minor leagues. what kyle busch is doing now he should be embarrassed about

    #3: it's not. that's all in your mind, just like point #1 was

    EDIT: i love two lane's answer to point #2, i couldn't have said it better myself

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    Well to answer your first question. It is my opinion that the reason Jr. has had only one points race win is because of several different factors. It could because of how the cars are built at the shop. Could also be bad communications between driver and crew Chief. The funny thing is that some many people on Y!A think that just because Jr. is the most popular driver that automatically makes him the best driver ever. What I don't understand is why don't people rag on other drivers who had success early in their careers. For example Jeff Gordon went I think almost a season and half with out a win. Why, does nobody pick on him? What about Joey Logano aka Sliced Bread. He was supposed to be the next great thing, but he only has one win.

    Question 2

    The only people that think that racing in the Nationwide series that think it is minor leagues are the haters and not just Jr. haters. Winning a championship in any type of racing is a big accomplishment. In other words it means that for that season that team was on its game. If a team can repeat it shows dominance. Take Jimmy Johnson for example Mr. 5 Time. The 48 team has won an impressive 5 championships in a row.

    Minor leagues of NASCAR are the Whelen Modified series and the two KN series. Not Nationwide or Trucks.

    Question 3

    As far as I can tell not one person considers Jr. running in the top 10 a better accomplishment then winning. Oh, wait the ones who do are the haters. Yes, when Jr. finishes good people do tend to talk about him but that also goes for any other driver.

    I hope this clears up any confusion for you, and if it does not then maybe you should follow something a little less complicated, like competitive tic tac toe, or even coloring inside the lines.

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    Point 1. It takes time for a team to gel and win. Jr first had to get used to how things were done at Hendrick Motorsports and then he's never had a team that could put good cars under him with a crew chief he can belive in. We're seeing that happen now with Steve Latarte. Gotta admit,Jr was looking racy at Martinsville yesterday.

    Point 2. Busch/Nationwide/etc is not "amateur" racing by any means. Multi-million dollar budgets are not my idea of "amateur" and I'm sure you'll agree. The other reason we consider what Jr did back then great is the way he won those champoinships. He drove his @ss off to win them. Chip off the old Earnhardt bock.

    Point 3. When you've been as far down as Jr has you don't come all the way back in one shot. You do it in steps. So a Top 10 for him these days is reason to celebrate.

    One thing you probably don't understand since you just became a NASCAR fan is just how much we all want to see Jr return to his old winning ways. When we lost Dale Earnhardt we all really wanted Jr to fill the void.

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    Me thinks it is a Junior hater in disguise. If sir, you are legit. In addition to several excellent responses on this post consider this:

    #1 Teresa was not "responsible for all his troubles prior to the 2008 season"; your contention is a base canard, I would think losing his father, team leader, and quite arguably the greatest driver in NASCAR history while he blocked for Jr. and Michael Waltrip (FYI they were all team mates at the time) had a bit to do with his troubles. I agree that as DEI essentially went belly up in two years and was sold and Teresa was in charge leads to a conclusion that she was ineffective in running the racing operations. As to why the one win at HMS? A very good question to be sure, some say that the driving style required by the COT really hurt Dale; that one seems plausible but is getting a bit long in the tooth. Bottom line Dale has struggled, many like him for a variety of reasons. I would like nothing better than the 88 to win the championship this year. There are 42 other drivers you can root for if you wish.

    2. Again, a false presumption. Dale was the youngest champion and won both years he ran. Damn impressive for any driver in any series. Fans watch what they like, personally Nationwide and Truck often produce races that are easily as exciting as cup IMHO.

    3. Again you make a fallacious inductive premise. (This one is why I suspect a "hater/troll" looking for a reaction.) Well answered by others, I suggest that if your struggling you must walk before you run while trying to get back to a consistently winning effort.

    Please feel free to post any other confusions you have; as you can see you will receive a considered and polite reply from many fans.

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    1: It was personal problems. Dale Earnahrdt Sr. built DEI for JR to one day run and a place for all of his kids to be part of, but Teresa was greedy and didn't want that. So JR started his own team. It didn't take long after Sr dying and JR leaving for Teresa to run DEI into the ground, that's why you see Earnahrdt Ganassi Racing. If Teresa was so great at running DEI by herself then it would still be a DEI. I know SR said she ran the business side but obviously she had some help in one way or the other, if she did it herself it would still be a DEI like I said. JR and Teresa just never liked each other all that much, should say both JR and his close sister Kelley didn't like Teresa that much.

    #2: Well the accomplishment in the 2 Busch Championships is the fact that he won them his rookie year and the next year. It's only brought up when a JR and Kyle Busch fan are talking trash since JR has 1 more Busch Championship over KB and it took KB a few years of being in Cup to get his 1. I don't see it brought up all the time like you're making it out to be.

    #3: Nobody says a top 10 is a better accomplishment than a win. He's been struggling the past 2 seasons after being a top 5 driver. His main problem on the years he was below avg of what he can run is consistency. This year he's being consistent and it's getting better between him and Steve.

    It's good you're a new NASCAR fan, but since you've only been a fan for only 5 points races then you have no room to criticize a driver since you have no idea of any of JR's history.

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    WOW!!!! It so crazy how most of these answers are trying to defend it...its rediculous how much everyone kisses his butt...and its just because of who his daddy is...

    I mean look at this...EVERY SINGLE WEEK...he is the fan pick for the fastest pit crew even though his pit crew doesnt do anything to help him out...EVERY SINGLE WEEK he has an in car camera and they show him constantly throughout the race even though he is steady in the 20's.

    They always interview him about every little thing..They always do a little piece on him on Nascar Raceday or the preg race show...Its just actually really rediculous...

    Nascar as a whole needs to realize the only great nascar driver from that family is gone and stop trying to talk the way into making Jr great as well...His driving skills arent ever going to be anywhere near his daddy.

    And 1 more thing...anyone who runs with hendrick equipment and doesnt win and run well...They are not a good driver at all...And it will be proven next year when Kasey comes over and competes for the championship...

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    1 Teresa gave the best to Jr. Jr. was just greedy and killed his fathers team. Jr. should be blame for the loss of the company.

    #2 Busch series are minor leagues. I don't care when you won them. Kyle Busch won how many races and championships? I don't care. I just care about his cup wins. 2nd place in Nationwide or Truck is horrible if you ask me. First is just whatever.

    #3 Celebrating a mediocre 10th place finish just shows how bad he is. 10th place finishes are mediocre. Then some dumb people go around and say he did better than 24 amount of drivers. Well yeah it sounds good like that but there are start and parkers, there are people that crashed or had car problems, and there are just low income teams that no matter how good the driver is that it doesn't matter. 10th place finish is about a mid pack finish to drivers on the teams of Hendrick, RCR, Roush, ect. Riding around most of the time can easily get you a top 15 when you are at a good team. Some people will never learn that 10th is not good. If he starts getting top 5's then I will be impressed, but until he stops riding around 10th on back, I'm not impressed.

    No real wins since 2006 for Dale Earnhardt Jr. Could this be the year? We'll see if he can compete this weekend!

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    Good question, but don't forget sweeping speed weeks, 2 poles, 15 top 5's and 32 top 10's.

    Why Jr. winning two Busch championships is cool, is because they were the only two years Jr. ran a full Busch schedule and he wasn't even in Cup yet unlike Kyle Busch or Carl Edwards who took multiple years trying to win one while already in Cup.

    I've never heard of the 3rd one, but when the most popular driver finishes well, cats and dogs get along all across America.

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    1. Teresa handled DEI very poorly. Dale Sr. made DEI for his son to run, and Teresa wouldn't let than happen. Equipment got bad and Junior started to struggle and lose his confidence, especially since he no longer had his father with him. So he left and went to HMS

    2. They are "minor" leagues, but the championships do mean something. It's a great accomplishment to win any championship in any series.

    3. Because he's struggled for several years now, running in the 20s and finishing way back in the standings. When he gets a top 10, it's a very good day for him and his fans. It's definitely not a better accomplishment than the winner though, and nobody thinks that.

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  • Yes,

    Remember also that the high point of Jr. fans last year was him winning at Daytona last July.

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